Scott’s Winterizer fertilizers have an analysis of 24-3-12 and 22-3-14 which are inappropriate for our sub-tropical turf grasses in the fall. It is best to avoid using high rates of nitrogen in the fall here to avoid succulent late growth which may not have time to harden off before frost. Potassium (Potash) the last number of a fertilizer analysis should be higher than Nitrogen  in the Fall here at the advice of our Cooperative Extension Service. This is why we carry our own Esposito’s Winterizer (5-0-20). The elevated Potassium encourages the buildup of carbohydrates in the roots and rhizomes of our grasses improving their cold resistance. We are aware that Fall application of Nitrogen on cool climate grasses such as bluegrass and fescue in northern states can be beneficial to them.

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Category: October
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