Water them well before the freeze. Small plants can be covered with Frost Cloth or Pinestraw when freezing temperatures are forecast, larger shrubs and small trees can be covered-try to avoid letting plastic touch leaves to avoid cold injury- Frost Cloth or plastic on a frame works well. Ideally covers should reach to the ground to help hold in heat from the ground. Placing tender plants where they will be shielded from wind or benefit from heat escaping from a building can also help. Anti-transpirants, such as Wilt-Pruf can help prevent desiccation from the cold. Use of Christmas mini lights or 100 watt light bulbs can give off protecting heat- be careful to use outdoor rated plugs. We do not recommend home owners using irrigation and icing techniques used by commercial growers because fresh ice must continue to be formed until the temperature rises back up to 32, and the risk of ice breaking limbs and leaves.

Category: December
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