What is the tall shrub that has large double flowers that change in color from white to pink and how do I grow it?

You are describing the shrub that is nicknamed Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis). Confederate Rose is native to southern China and has been popular  in our area for several generations. Give it a sunny location, use 5-4-7 Azalea/Camellia fertilizer in the...

Can I fertilize my lawn now? I haven’t fertilized since spring.

Yes, we suggest fertilizing now with Esposito’s Winterizer (5-0-20) to help improve lawn cold tolerance and spring recovery. (See October Questions for additional information).

How can I stop my grass from dying? It looks like it has been “chewed down” close to the ground in irregular patches and is turning brown.

You are describing the injury that is common from the attacks of the Tropical Sod Webworm, a very small caterpillar that is the larvae of a night flying moth. Close inspections of the grass blades reveal chewed out notches in the edges and on occasion chewed grass...
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