7. Will the spray program kill out grassy weeds Bahia grass, Dove weed, Crabgrass, Nutsedge, etc. in the lawn?

The pre- and post-emergent herbicides used in this program are designed for broad leaf weeds only and have no affect on grassy weeds.  

6. Will this spray program control ants?

NO. In order to effectively control ants, treatments need to be made more frequently than this scheduled program. Baits are the most effective means of controlling ants. Under the program insecticides are applied only to control “turf destroying” insects such as...

5. Will your program control weeds in our flower beds and around shrubs?

The landscape beds are not treated for weeds under this program. If you have a weed control problem in the flower and shrub beds, call our office and we will advise you on what alternatives are available.  

4. Should I water my lawn after you have treated it?

There is no need to water your lawn after each application unless you are otherwise instructed to do so. Please be sure to ALWAYS read the notes supplied on the tickets by our spray technician.  

3. How will your spray program affect my mowing schedule?

Mowing prior to an application is okay; however, once chemicals have been applied you will need to wait two (2) days before mowing your lawn. This will allow the chemical adequate time to enter the plant’s systems for maximum effectiveness. Do Not remove the...
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