What can I do to help protect tender plants from the cold?

Water them well before the freeze. Small plants can be covered with Frost Cloth or Pinestraw when freezing temperatures are forecast, larger shrubs and small trees can be covered-try to avoid letting plastic touch leaves to avoid cold injury- Frost Cloth or plastic on...

I have a weed in my lawn each spring that is very low to the ground, deep green with finely divided leaves that resemble parsley. If you step on this weed bare-footed it has little prickles that will hurt your feet when it is stepped on. What is it and how do I control it?

The weed that you have described is known as Spurweed. The best way to control it is to spray Hi-Yield Atrazine on the lawn in late December or early January. One pint of Atrazine will cover 10,900 square feet of lawn.
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