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Brian Fernandes
01:15 18 May 21
Really an amazing place - check for specials and deals!
David Dalton
19:22 16 May 21
Great local store with great prices on grass plugs!
Kim Bowman
18:55 16 May 21
Great place for garden needs. Great selection of vegetable starts. Friendly staff.
Free Spirit Wells
03:40 16 May 21
I always want to stop here when in Tallahassee. Great selection.
David Givens
22:37 12 May 21
Didn't have the plant I was looking for, but I found one that was close enough.
Camaria Jackson-Hearst
17:32 12 May 21
I love this place more than my plants.. I prmise it.
Mickey Crosby
15:25 09 May 21
Kim Stewart
17:15 08 May 21
Sallie Foshee
16:45 07 May 21
sharon tucker
14:58 07 May 21
To crowded to tell what they had. Lost of employees but no help
Anita Cooper
20:17 05 May 21
Susan Sowell
20:29 04 May 21
So many helpful people,so many options.this store and Spring go hand in hand
John Ball
13:50 02 May 21
Family owned.. Great selection always something new ..
Donnie Lewis
14:51 30 Apr 21
Michelle M Toal
15:05 26 Apr 21
Expensive but lots to see and shop for
Carolyn Brown
02:06 26 Apr 21
A wide variety of flowers. The ladies that worked with the flowers are very knowledgeable. They were also very nice. A wonderful experience this afternoon.
tajuanna tinsley
20:30 25 Apr 21
Kathybeth Geigel
21:54 24 Apr 21
Brenda Fagen
18:37 21 Apr 21
EA Schoudt Haberle
18:04 20 Apr 21
Loved it. Great service, clean, friendly and so many plants, pots, home goods, etc....I will be back there alot...😁
Kayla Cortez
23:02 19 Apr 21
Great selection. They gave us a free tomato plant because our kid was with us. The prices are fair and the staff is friendly. Tomato cages are a great price. 10 for $10
Jen Walker
03:13 19 Apr 21
So happy with my new table and chairs! Thank you Laura and staff for wrapping it up and getting it ready for its road trip to West Palm! Wish we had an Esposito's!
Irene Ford
22:54 18 Apr 21
Cee Ivy
15:42 15 Apr 21
Arnel E.
12:49 15 Apr 21
When I couldn't find the right seed this was the only place in town that had it
That Vegan on Shay Mountain
23:18 14 Apr 21
Love this place, meets all my indoor and outdoor plant needs
John Gregory
18:53 12 Apr 21
Esposito's has a great price on their sunglasses. They are 3.99 a pair. Their readers are the same price.
Tom Strickland
12:00 11 Apr 21
Ann Lewis
17:59 08 Apr 21
Stephanie ONeal
21:58 06 Apr 21
Beautiful selection!
13:58 06 Apr 21
17:56 02 Apr 21
Great selection of plants.
Jerilyn Nikiel
11:15 02 Apr 21
Excellent selection of plants here, and a huge variety of gardening, hardware, and decorating items. Great place to visit and just browse, but so many cool things it's really hard to leave without buying something!
Kelli Doss
03:49 01 Apr 21
Picked up this beauty today! Friendly and knowledgeable staff I'll be back whenever I'm in town.
Mike Fato
14:12 31 Mar 21
Had all the things I needed for my gardening needs
Kenneth Corley
23:13 29 Mar 21
Huge place, carrying almost every conceivable type of garden store merchandise.
Dan Campbell
20:23 29 Mar 21
As always, Esposito's went way above and beyond for our project. They were prompt, professional and seemed to always leave our home cleaner than when they arrived. Part of our project was a little tricky, and they came up with a solution that worked well and looks fantastic! If you are upgrading any of your outdoor spaces, I would highly recommend Ralph, Brad and the entire Esposito's team! Thanks for a beautiful backyard!
Shadow Rolewicz
18:44 29 Mar 21
John Mcallister
13:29 29 Mar 21
A great place to get your plants and vegetables
Edward Mock
19:24 28 Mar 21
Ruby Huntley
19:17 28 Mar 21
Vikas Vedprakash
01:21 28 Mar 21
Glen McCafferty
18:36 27 Mar 21
Love strolling through the plants. Lots of knowledgeable staff to help you find something for that sunny spot. I got started on my veggie garden this week, with tomatoes, peppers, squash and some herbs.
Katie Moore
18:12 26 Mar 21
Pure Performance Golf Labs
17:32 26 Mar 21
Great help and good products!
Ms. Williams
23:33 25 Mar 21
Excellent customer service!
Mindy Fulton
00:55 25 Mar 21
Sersey Young
01:06 23 Mar 21
My husband & I were in to get some pepper plants & was greeted by Larry. A super helpful, knowledgeable staff member. If you need answers, see Larry.
Mark Smith
17:33 20 Mar 21
Chenoah DuBree
01:08 20 Mar 21
Hollis Hancock
17:27 19 Mar 21
All the plants you want and someone seems to care about watering.
Rhonda Dalton
19:47 14 Mar 21
Rob Collins
23:19 13 Mar 21
One of two well established nurseries in the Tallahassee area with a wide variety of all things out of doors, landscape related and back yard beautification. The staff are quite friendly and offer great advice for the asking. They have the best hydroponics section anywhere, lots of containers and fixtures for houseplants, lighting and in the wintertime section a large portion of the store for Christmas trees, decorations and more. This place begs a visit on a weekend afternoon simply to stroll the grounds and dream of projects you may ponder for your domicile.
Miyoshi Mitchell
18:27 08 Mar 21
Ken Cherubini
20:47 07 Mar 21
Awesome selection. Great staff
Madhu Nepal
04:23 07 Mar 21
A great place for flowers, vegetables and many more. Great staffs. Some products were cheaper than in dollar stores.
late 68
21:31 05 Mar 21
Michael Athorn
23:12 01 Mar 21
Chelle Christensen
21:01 26 Feb 21
Esposito's has everything you need for lawn and garden and more!! Plus, they have experts in every aspect of planning, planting, maintenance and more!! All of the employees are friendly and extremely knowledgeable and helpful!! They are THE place to go for all your gardening needs and more!!
Dee Christensen
18:47 26 Feb 21
I love Espositos! The staff is outstanding, helpful and always courteous. It is also beautiful, especially in the spring. First place to go for all gardening needs.
Milton Spence
16:53 25 Feb 21
Brianna Smith
14:26 20 Feb 21
Angie Dean
00:27 17 Feb 21
Joseph Wilson
17:29 13 Feb 21
Large variety
Carol Spahr
02:37 13 Feb 21
Barry Phillips
17:40 10 Feb 21
Mary Noell
22:29 07 Feb 21
Nice selection of birdseed
Carolyn Morgan
17:18 06 Feb 21
Love this store! They always have what I need.
Sue Carpenter
16:43 06 Feb 21
First time there love it
Nancy Ojeda
19:37 05 Feb 21
Great selection of plants and trees as well as all things for gardening.
Lynn Shapuras
23:38 02 Feb 21
So much to see, prices are reasonable, I'll be back!!
Judy Benton
20:41 28 Jan 21
Very helpful staff
16:35 23 Jan 21
Daphne Deavitt
13:21 18 Jan 21
John Donohue
23:15 14 Jan 21
Sarah Griess
00:17 14 Jan 21
Love plants!
Julia Mac
07:31 10 Jan 21
Loved the visit
vickie whatley
21:14 07 Jan 21
So fun and wide choice of plants, trees and pots.
Jenny Mixon
20:29 06 Jan 21
Always friendly, professional employees. Great sales after Christmas. You can stock up on ornaments for gifts the coming year!
Fran Poppell
21:42 03 Jan 21
Bill Thomas
04:49 29 Dec 20
Esposito Garden Center is magical during Christmas with wide variety of ornaments and decorations.
Prdro Vargas
21:06 28 Dec 20
Ian Wootan
22:52 24 Dec 20
Rubye Graybill
07:34 22 Dec 20
Coni Kaye
23:22 21 Dec 20
Great place. They have everything . Beautiful plants and very knowledgeable.
Dewi Setyorini
21:12 21 Dec 20
Jeana Underwood
01:37 21 Dec 20
Robyn Brown
21:25 18 Dec 20
My favorite Tallahassee store
Kristina Sumner
19:49 18 Dec 20
Carol Bisig
06:14 15 Dec 20
It is full of beautiful, unique Christmas decorations, everything is breath taking. We bought a 7 foot pre lit tree for our bedroom this year, it is perfect, I have always wanted a free in our personal space, it is lovely to see the tree while watching Christmas movies! The tree we chose has very life like pinecones, and the tree itself seems light, without being bare. We used red and gold ribbon to trail down, and red berries to give it a fairy land look. Their new shop is absolutely one of the nicest gift stores in town! Of course, I would like one of everything myself! I highly recommend! Thank you! Merry Christmas!carolintallahassee
Andy Adamczyk
08:48 14 Dec 20
We always go here during Christmas time to shop for the best stuff. They always have their store done up right, and everyone is always very friendly.
Vicki McElvar
15:37 12 Dec 20
Stephen Baity
15:06 08 Dec 20
The service was great and fast
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