Athena Tomberlin
12:51 30 Aug 22
I went in here the other day and I had the best experience I’ve ever had in a garden center. I don’t know very much about gardening and the employee at the store, Will was so helpful. He walked me through the entire store and thoroughly helped me through the decision process. I definitely will be coming back very soon.
tashieka crump
01:34 30 Aug 22
John Faggard
16:55 27 Aug 22
Clay Murphy
02:00 21 Aug 22
We always enjoy coming here after a great meal at Carrabba's. Very nice store and nursery.
Soler B
18:58 13 Aug 22
Very lovely place with some very beautiful flowers
Toby Chapman
01:04 13 Aug 22
I used their lawn equipment repair service for the first time. They were outstanding, professional, and completed the work on time and under budget. I recommend them highly and will make them my go to repair service.Their service department remains first class. They have a great selection of Stihl products. I also am able to get rare trees from the nursery. My favorite was a Catawlpa worm tree. Best fishing bait ever!
Melissa Haley
16:52 30 Jul 22
Steve Starkie
19:11 29 Jul 22
Craig Benner
20:20 28 Jul 22
Very helpful
Jennifer Robinson
09:28 26 Jul 22
Debra Henderson
18:30 23 Jul 22
Wonderful plant assortment..Purchased a crepe myrtle last year as a twig... This is the result...Awesome, just awesome. Ralph assured us we wouldn't be disappointed!!Got some roses several years ago ....Was not disappointed 😀
Kim Fetty
11:32 19 Jul 22
Great selection, good pricing, but watch out for the boomer who works in the back. He felt the need to mansplain...everything... I would have understood if he was speaking exclusively to my 10 year old daughter who was with me. As an adult, I felt it was condescending.
Chrystle Pompey
11:15 19 Jul 22
Home gardner..this is your Dream Land..left because of too many people not Masked!
Robby Powers
22:08 17 Jul 22
Good folks, they know gardening
Alyssa Marshall
17:10 12 Jul 22
Great people, great service, great products, clean friendly and worth the trip to see all they have.
Robin DuPont
20:57 11 Jul 22
This is just the greatest place to breathe and enjoy plants--beautiful flowers. Uplifting. Joyful. Thanks, everyone. What a lovely treat it is to stop by Esposito Garden Center.
Lisa Mobley
18:39 10 Jul 22
My favorite place to buy habanero plants
Chuck Hash
23:57 07 Jul 22
Tami Frean
15:49 05 Jul 22
So many items to choose little time. I love coming here for the variety. Lots of different seeds to plant as well. Like African violets? Planting a garden or maybe re-planting. Love wind chimes, flowers and humming birds? Well you have come to the right place. Many varieties of annuals and perennials. Bushes, trees and the like. If your not could be missing out. My only suggestion would be to add another location as well.
John McClune
16:34 27 Jun 22
Friendly people. Very knowledgeable about all kinds of plants.Always an interesting place to go to.
Gloria Hearns
23:30 25 Jun 22
Timothy Warren
17:08 25 Jun 22
Wanted a few more Crepe Myrtles and they had them on sale. Great price and nice people.
Manuel F Muñoz
21:26 21 Jun 22
Charlene DeMarco
22:36 19 Jun 22
Stocked with necessities for gardening,fresh plants 🪴 of all types & courteous,helpful workers.
Lee Connell
20:10 19 Jun 22
Kyle Oathout
23:26 18 Jun 22
Helpful staff. Amazing selection. Great prices. Plants are seriously excellent quality. Better than the big box stores
Alain Moya
15:47 15 Jun 22
Michael Carnes
12:43 14 Jun 22
Great variety of plants and accessories such as decorative pots.
James Wallace
05:31 14 Jun 22
So nice
nick marshall
20:42 13 Jun 22
Great people to work with
Anna Segal
21:24 09 Jun 22
William Broome
11:25 07 Jun 22
Best all around garden center in Tallahassee Florida.
Hector Delao
22:31 04 Jun 22
Great customer service 👏
Thais Oliveira
18:21 04 Jun 22
This store is a peace of heaven. All the staffs are polite, helpful, they undestand about the plants so much!!! I like to go there even to just walk around. Bring me peace, it is quiet, smells so good, all the trees, flowers, it is awesome. One of my favorites places in Tally.
Teri Blessing
00:07 04 Jun 22
Wonderful customer service, helpful guides you to what you are looking for. Beautiful selection of plants and great stuff to buy.
Ronda Shiver
00:01 03 Jun 22
Ruth Cole
19:12 02 Jun 22
David. Brian Coppedge
18:38 01 Jun 22
I was in need of some very specific pavers. I spoke with a gentleman named Marcus he went above and beyond to gather the information that I needed I wish I had employees like him.
Christopher Anderson
13:17 27 May 22
Best selection of garden supplies in the area.
Van Walker
15:27 25 May 22
tammy barnes
16:34 22 May 22
I was at the nursery on Thursday and had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica. Jessica was friendly and very knowledgeable regarding my plants of choice, she really seemed to enjoy her job and provided excellent customer service!! I will return to Esposito's and seek out Jessica for my gardening needs.
brucephus prehn
20:01 20 May 22
It was a great stop
Jay Wells
20:08 18 May 22
Don’t call and ask any questions. I called and had questions about purchasing a compost. I was transferred to a voicemail. Then I called back and was transferred to a number that just rang and rang. Sorry Ralph. Headed to Lowes.
Kim Forehand-van der Linde
18:16 18 May 22
One of my favorite garden places in Tallahassee and they have a small engine repair shop. Love the place.
Elizabeth Slomski
23:52 16 May 22
Joyce Carpenter
13:23 14 May 22
I had lots of help during my time there. They loaded it into my car. Such kindness
dewayne stripling
17:22 13 May 22
Thousands of plants and fair priced vegetable plants
Patrick Kuczynski
01:32 12 May 22
Friendly knowledgeable staff. Always helpful and they have a great variety for all tastes and looks.
Dr. Marvin J. Henderson
23:13 10 May 22
Great variety of plants and other home and garden supplies! I enjoyed my visit!
Phyllis Dantzler
17:08 07 May 22
Eliza Vaughn
00:19 04 May 22
darla sanderson
23:04 28 Apr 22
Martin Dobbins
17:14 19 Apr 22
Carmen Crespo
01:14 16 Apr 22
The staff is knowledgeable. But the prices are a bit high.
Holly Laufenberg
19:01 04 Apr 22
Great! They are always ready to be of service.
Velma Winstead
00:18 02 Apr 22
jon pickett
18:53 30 Mar 22
Best in town nurserie. With something for everybody. Plants, Flowers, fertilizer, pavers, garden and lawn tools, cookout grills, patio furniture and more...
Tim Grant
06:39 30 Mar 22
Mary Nisonger
16:13 29 Mar 22
I never have a bad shopping experience here. A wide variety to chose from. If you leave here empty handed it's because you could not make a choice.
Lissa P
00:57 28 Mar 22
Peaceful and beautiful garden area, always great customer service.
kim Bigelow
13:58 27 Mar 22
johnniemae jones
13:38 26 Mar 22
Tha General
12:17 26 Mar 22
Niya Hubbard
02:39 24 Mar 22
Dean Jackson
23:39 18 Mar 22
Good price on everything..
Clarence Smith
02:39 18 Mar 22
It's always wonderful when I visit the store and walk through the garden center.
Rhonda Graddy
15:08 15 Mar 22
I love this place. I could walk around looking at all the flowers and trees all day. Customer service is outstanding. If you have questions they are very knowledgeable and seem to love their jobs.
Rebecca Black-Long
17:05 13 Mar 22
Love them
James Joyner
23:57 11 Mar 22
Wonderful place for a green thumb to get lost in!! Their herbs and fruit plants are very noice!
Dannie Nathan
21:44 11 Mar 22
Kyla Shiver
22:09 06 Mar 22
This place is like a little bit of heaven. Prices are good, staff is helpful. I could spend hours in there
Frankie Hollis
19:36 04 Mar 22
Larry Muller
03:45 01 Mar 22
Well stocked for your needs
Jon-Michael Sima
22:10 27 Feb 22
This is a great place to wander around and find the plants you never knew you wanted. Inside also has many garden tools and rotating decorations. A little bit expensive compared to the bigger stores.
Carolyn Morgan
18:25 26 Feb 22
Love this store! They always have what I need. The staff are always so helpful too!
Earl Davis
12:34 26 Feb 22
Great selection of plants of all types. Questions about a future purchase of a Stihl chainsaw, had large assortment of models to compare and very knowledgeable staff of their features.
Londa Brown
14:29 23 Feb 22
Andrew Bass
01:57 22 Feb 22
Lee Peacock
17:56 13 Feb 22
Heather Jensen
23:33 12 Feb 22
Huge plant and tree selection. Nice store with all of our outdoor needs covered.
Jon Penot
18:53 12 Feb 22
Donna Gerald
00:25 08 Feb 22
I absolutely love this place!
keith gross
23:53 06 Feb 22
Oriel “Young Florida Boy” Hawkins
21:42 05 Feb 22
Great place to do business with. We ordered 3 pallets of sod and was loaded in no time. Fork lift operator needs a little more practice.
SweetTeaNoLemon 1974
22:31 03 Feb 22
Wonderful place to shop for plants, Christmas decor, lawn decor... Decor... Or just a place to spend a few minutes when you have the time. Wonderful staff.
Clarence Smith
16:56 31 Jan 22
Daniel A. Avila
17:22 13 Jan 22
The entrance of this place is gorgeous! And then you get inside...not so much. The interior staff did not greet me despite not being busy, and the layout is a mess. It’s hard to find anything at all...When you get to the back, however, it’s like a massive garden and it’s beautiful to walk around. Here is when staff greeted me and asked me if I needed any help. Overall a massive difference between the inside and outside. They seem to have some selection for everyone. I will be coming here again with more knowledge of plants so I can make an informed purchase without bothering the staff, but I bet they would have helped me regardless.
Brandon Hall
13:10 06 Jan 22
Teresa Hatler
04:21 02 Jan 22
Lots of variety. They have gardening supplies, decorations, bird feeders, bird baths, huge Christmas srlection. Plants are out back and a very cool gift store is to the left of the store.
Albertano Reducindo
17:24 01 Jan 22
Judy J
02:42 25 Dec 21
Great place for Christmas stuff and plants.
Emy Bennett
17:58 24 Dec 21
Kim Blanchet
12:27 23 Dec 21
Arlene Schwahn
00:32 22 Dec 21
Santhana Drake
23:19 21 Dec 21
Always a pleasure visiting. Even more so during Christmas time. Many unique items you can't find locally. Will return....
Crystal Barrett
14:41 21 Dec 21
Daniel Cauldwell
11:40 21 Dec 21
Laurie Long
04:49 20 Dec 21
John Womble
20:30 16 Dec 21
JC Guppy
04:18 14 Dec 21
Good hydroponic and ans supplies! Got me a rosemary christmas tree. Great place.
Michael Newell
16:44 12 Dec 21
Joel Stokes
18:15 09 Dec 21
There's always someone nearby, no matter what part of Esposito you're in, to help you with everything.The staff are all super friendly, and knowledgeable about everything in the storeI HIGHLY recommend
Paula Pregent
19:48 06 Dec 21
Mel Chang
21:57 04 Dec 21
Jay Jewell
17:33 04 Dec 21
Friendly knowledgeable staff!
Audrey Holston
02:19 04 Dec 21
Love the Christmas displays and very nice selection of plants.
Seth Gustat
13:38 01 Dec 21
Always awesome staff. Great selections. Impeccable customer service!
Patrick Swanson
16:29 30 Nov 21
Caroline Walton Mathews
22:39 29 Nov 21
Tracy Mangum
06:33 29 Nov 21
s jhala
23:26 26 Nov 21
George Masini
23:00 26 Nov 21
Nicole King
17:50 26 Nov 21
Amazing place and so gorgeous.💓
Jason Bogart
23:16 24 Nov 21
Aimee Seay
05:40 21 Nov 21
Such a wonderful place to shop/visit. The owners are absolutely amazing people! A true Tallahassee favorite.
Helen McKelder
12:08 14 Nov 21
Kandy Crowe
02:35 08 Nov 21
Very helpful, friendly people. Love the selection of plants and gear.
Marie Anderson
14:34 02 Nov 21
G McDaniel
19:30 24 Oct 21
Pansies took a hit...but found an adorable Christmas flag. Going back to shop Lilies boutique soon.
18:34 24 Oct 21
Eureka Jenkins
12:44 15 Oct 21
Went to get something to eat and had to get it to go. Wanted to sit down and enjoy the ambiance.
Sam Garside
14:27 14 Oct 21
Robert Henley
16:04 12 Oct 21
Steve D
19:46 03 Oct 21
Always finding what I need whether it's advise, plants, gardening etc. Always my favorite place to shop.
Star Archer
15:36 29 Sep 21
I went to Esposito’s looking for mums originally and ended up getting pumpkins 🎃 and found a enormous spider 🕷 plant on sale for 19.99 . I came across a ton of Halloween colored plants that I can’t wait to put together in a arrangement. They has a ton of Halloween 👻 decorations at a reasonable price. They also had Chimineas I know it’s that time of weather I was tempted to get one I will most Definitely be coming back to get some more goods fromThis wonderful place . Just adding I’ve been to most nurseries in Tallahassee. And this one by far has everything you would need for a small piece or a bigger yard project they even haveAquatic plants! I hope this helps
Alisa Hunter
00:29 29 Sep 21
Soooo beautiful! The staff was very helpful
US King
19:33 25 Sep 21
Like it a lot. Just wish they offered a military discount like Tallahassee Nursery does.
Jim Stokley
14:54 10 Sep 21
Good selection
Art Johnstone
17:57 06 Sep 21
Nice selection of plants. Good labor day sale prices. Staff are helpful, but not quite as knowledgeable as those at Tallahassee Nursery.
Jessica Parker
16:59 05 Sep 21
Ronald Laone
13:08 05 Sep 21
Great place for yard sure to ask for the military veteran discount! I'll be back for sure!
Henry Fain
20:51 01 Sep 21
Lot a varieties of plants,yard fixtures and more. I even deliver sod there from Woerner Farms.
Michael Conyers
21:12 31 Aug 21
Dhalloween C
10:56 29 Aug 21
Love this place! The variety of plants is amazing . Employees are knowledgeable.
Alli Timms
19:45 28 Aug 21
Char Nettles
16:16 27 Aug 21
Fun place to shop. Complimentary cold bottled water for customers on hot days👍 Beautiful plants, beautiful Christmas shop year round!
cindy Lampert
13:35 27 Aug 21
Tracy Tracy
03:14 26 Aug 21
Vicki Stanton
17:27 25 Aug 21
Had a great time there, their staff were so friendly and so knowledgeable. Everyone working there that you passed asked if they could help or help find something for you will definitely go back without a doubt
Christine Tornero
14:49 25 Aug 21
Dustin Fowler
19:15 22 Aug 21
Mary Clubb
12:15 22 Aug 21
Ruby Porter
22:35 21 Aug 21
Very nice place. Get what you went after.
21:11 19 Aug 21
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