KaraSueWho (KaraBear)
Love this place and the employees
Donna Herrero
Love this store! Many home items that are unique causing your home to stand. And I love love their Christmas display. Can't wait to go back again this year and buy more Christmas balls. Guests always comment on how beautiful my decorations are. Kind and helpful employees .
DebbieSue Fleck
Love the place.
Glenda Ostrander
Espositos is an incredible place to shop as they offer a varied wide variety of plants for your home and just about any tool or accessory you need for planting, growing and maintaining the plants. But that's not all! They stock an incredible supply of Christmas lighting, ornaments and other decorations for the season, silk flowers and arrangements, unusual gift items and a host of other needs for a home. They also have a specialty gift store called Lily's gifts that offer women's apparel and jewelry as well as uncommon items for the kitchen and women's accessories. The quality of their products is superb! You won't be disappointed and perhaps beginning frequent visits for your needs!! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended!!!
Larry Lopez
Pudd Tha Duck
Jack Smith
Good friendly service
Suzanne Glorioso
Beautiful nursery with helpful and knowledgeable employees. We just moved to Tally, found Esposito and I never shop big box anymore for plants, etc. This is SO much nicer.
John York
Talin Mason
Mary Jo Spector
Great selection of plants. Helpful staff. If you are looking for citrus, this is the place to go.
Kathy Radford
Stacy Bigler
L Hdez
luis suarez
They always have what I need for my garden love this place
Tricia Kiser
I recently ordered the Beautiful in Blue bouquet for my sister who just had surgery. It was even more beautiful than the one pictured! Thank you!!
Mark Bergner
Knowledgeable staff. Great selections. Above average pricey
Chester Gunn
They have the best hydroponics department in the area. Lots of stuff and beautiful flowers. We have always had good luck growing their plants.
Patrick Adams
My go-to shop for all my parts and lawn equipment. Best shop in the area. The manager and staff are professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I recommend the shop. All there product lines are top shelf and of the highest quality.
Angel Cruz
Lugar para encontrar todo o casi todo lo que necesitas para el hogar lo recomiendo, gracias
Heather McNeel
Kimberly H
Good selection of plants. Staff is helpful.
Lena Wms
I called Esposito’s to inquire about a certain flower available. The person answering the phone had to admit they knew about the flower but had no idea about how much they were or what colors they carried. However, she would go find out. After several moments on hold, she returned to tell me this flower was only available during the fall. The colors would be determined then.It seems that if you are answering the phone for a business, they would give you a list of things like this? I wouldn’t answer their phone calls otherwise. But I’m just old school! At least she did go and check for me. Three stars for her sweet effort, zero stars to Esposito for their lack of support in the office!!
Gwen Banks
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