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Eureka Jenkins
12:44 15 Oct 21
Went to get something to eat and had to get it to go. Wanted to sit down and enjoy the ambiance.
Sam Garside
14:27 14 Oct 21
Robert Henley
16:04 12 Oct 21
Steve D
19:46 03 Oct 21
Always finding what I need whether it's advise, plants, gardening etc. Always my favorite place to shop.
Sancho marshall
16:36 02 Oct 21
Great people to work with
Star Archer
15:36 29 Sep 21
I went to Esposito’s looking for mums originally and ended up getting pumpkins 🎃 and found a enormous spider 🕷 plant on sale for 19.99 . I came across a ton of Halloween colored plants that I can’t wait to put together in a arrangement. They has a ton of Halloween 👻 decorations at a reasonable price. They also had Chimineas I know it’s that time of weather I was tempted to get one I will most Definitely be coming back to get some more goods fromThis wonderful place . Just adding I’ve been to most nurseries in Tallahassee. And this one by far has everything you would need for a small piece or a bigger yard project they even haveAquatic plants! I hope this helps
Alisa Hunter Stegall
00:29 29 Sep 21
Soooo beautiful! The staff was very helpful
US King
19:33 25 Sep 21
Like it a lot. Just wish they offered a military discount like Tallahassee Nursery does.
Jim Stokley
14:54 10 Sep 21
Good selection
Art Johnstone
17:57 06 Sep 21
Nice selection of plants. Good labor day sale prices. Staff are helpful, but not quite as knowledgeable as those at Tallahassee Nursery.
Jessica Parker
16:59 05 Sep 21
Ronald Laone
13:08 05 Sep 21
Great place for yard stuff...be sure to ask for the military veteran discount! I'll be back for sure!
Henry Fain
20:51 01 Sep 21
Lot a varieties of plants,yard fixtures and more. I even deliver sod there from Woerner Farms.
Michael Conyers
21:12 31 Aug 21
Dhalloween C
10:56 29 Aug 21
Love this place! The variety of plants is amazing . Employees are knowledgeable.
Alli Timms
19:45 28 Aug 21
Char Nettles
16:16 27 Aug 21
Fun place to shop. Complimentary cold bottled water for customers on hot days👍 Beautiful plants, beautiful Christmas shop year round!
cindy Lampert
13:35 27 Aug 21
Tracy Tracy
03:14 26 Aug 21
Vicki Stanton
17:27 25 Aug 21
Had a great time there, their staff were so friendly and so knowledgeable. Everyone working there that you passed asked if they could help or help find something for you will definitely go back without a doubt
Christine Tornero
14:49 25 Aug 21
Dustin Fowler
19:15 22 Aug 21
Mary Clubb
12:15 22 Aug 21
Ruby Porter
22:35 21 Aug 21
Very nice place. Get what you went after.
21:11 19 Aug 21
William Birch
00:25 19 Aug 21
Sarah Gabrick
22:53 17 Aug 21
julia Thigpen
16:52 17 Aug 21
Good selection, helpful and friendly staff.
Mark Shoplak
20:13 16 Aug 21
Can find nearly anything you are looking for here. Pricy on some of their items, but seems to be quality items.
peggy cammons
04:30 16 Aug 21
Came in looking for 2 items, they had neitherImpatiens nor dwarf geraniumNot equipped for people who like to browse but cannot walk for any length of time. Saw no wheelchair access. Not enough people outside to help find something. Not a pleasant experienceHalf a mile to find a clerk, then another half to locate the item. Not a pleasant experience.
Sallie Kelly
16:18 14 Aug 21
Annette Sorne
21:50 13 Aug 21
Always a pleasure to visit Esposito. They care. Their staff are always friendly and helpful when you’re needing advise.
Michael Brown
15:00 13 Aug 21
Excellent customer service.
Tony Peoples
19:12 01 Aug 21
Great business. Very nice employees. Went there to purchase some plants and a grill. I received excellent service.
Chris Starnes (OlllllO)
20:36 30 Jul 21
Kristy Penuel
18:18 29 Jul 21
Amazing shop
Jennifer Weeks
12:25 27 Jul 21
Always friendly and knowledgeable.
Joe Alvarez
19:47 20 Jul 21
Naomi Clark
23:01 17 Jul 21
Carole Vertz
15:55 16 Jul 21
Tony Nguyen
13:27 15 Jul 21
Good selections. Got what I needed. Staffs are helpful. I am from out of town, so it's nice to have a garden center here instead sticking with replica of HD and Lowes
Kian Akvan
03:49 11 Jul 21
Anthony Holmes 71
22:56 09 Jul 21
Stephen Bland
23:29 05 Jul 21
Lady in garden center with knee brace or pad is great. Knowledgeable,helpful,friendly,efficient
Joan Reaves
20:55 05 Jul 21
Great trip! Got just the flowers I was looking for.
Alan Herring
16:59 01 Jul 21
Ken Cherubini
16:49 27 Jun 21
Awesome selection of flora.A little expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Jane Rothenberger
20:40 26 Jun 21
Best staff to help you out with knowledge expertise!!
Linda Zussy
15:34 26 Jun 21
Lots of wonderful choices here. Employees are knowledgeable and friendly
Sammy Patrick
19:16 23 Jun 21
Great variety of indoor and outdoor home/garden items. Prices range from affordable to very expensive. Something for everyone.
Andrea Whitin
17:53 21 Jun 21
Large range of plant types and species to choose from along with any tools, decorations and additions that anyone would need in their garden. The outdoor area is a little hard to navigate but there are many employees who are knowledgeable and eager to help. Quite a pleasant shopping experience.
Gary & Linda Strickland
12:58 18 Jun 21
Glenn Hunter
18:21 17 Jun 21
Esposito's is a great place to visit and sales high quality goods. However, I find their pricing Worthy of comparison shopping. Sometimes they're right in line and sometimes they're double depending on the item.
Frankie Guerrido
21:41 16 Jun 21
Janice Giannoble
20:59 15 Jun 21
Bill Raymond
21:08 13 Jun 21
Ram 2017
17:24 13 Jun 21
Darren Archer
18:16 12 Jun 21
Tom DiTanna
12:02 05 Jun 21
Wide variety of everything related to gardening and much more.
Robert white
18:22 04 Jun 21
Been dealing with Michael about hydroponic gardening. He is an expert. I just lost a Blueberry plant so I decided to try Espositos to purchase a new one. The lady who answered the phone was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Was able to guide me in my selection. WhenI asked price,I was blown away. Was expecting to pay much more. Going to pick up plants Sunday while I’m in town. For my plant shopping Iwill be starting at Espositos from now on.
Clifford Yates
02:49 04 Jun 21
Great service and delivery
christianna collins
14:11 31 May 21
The flowers are gorgeous and I love the layout of the garden
Carolyn Terrell
20:06 30 May 21
Susan Hales
19:34 28 May 21
Awesome place...they always have the knowledge and items I need. 10 stars!!!
Dan Glick
20:03 27 May 21
Jeanne Farnsley
22:29 26 May 21
Barbara Dulbs
22:11 26 May 21
You with find knowledgeable, helpful and friendly help here. The blog online always contains useful information for gardeners.
Steve Golden
18:28 25 May 21
Great customer service is always appreciated
L Simmons
01:18 24 May 21
Friendly staff and very knowledgeable of the plants
Adrian Dillon
00:06 23 May 21
Best nursery in Tallahassee! Partnered with Ace Hardware, they have an unbelieveable array of plants. Staff are attentive and knowledgeable.
Willie Joe Whitfield Whitfield
00:39 22 May 21
Love this place !!!!!!!
Stephanie Pohler
21:40 21 May 21
I’m working on a large landscape project and got amazing help at Esposito’s. I first went to another large nursery down the road and walked around a long time without anyone asking if I needed help and then when I asked for help, they had to call someone & acted as if they were too busy. Complete opposite at Esposito’s. So many employees asked me if I needed help and were so great at helping me pick things out. I bought all my plants there because of their customer service. Highly recommend!
Barbara Wolter
12:19 20 May 21
Kathy Greathouse
19:54 18 May 21
Great place for your landscaping needs. A little spendy!
Brian F
01:15 18 May 21
Really an amazing place - check for specials and deals!
David Dalton
19:22 16 May 21
Great local store with great prices on grass plugs!
Kim Bowman
18:55 16 May 21
Great place for garden needs. Great selection of vegetable starts. Friendly staff.
Free Spirit Wells
03:40 16 May 21
I always want to stop here when in Tallahassee. Great selection.
David Givens
22:37 12 May 21
Didn't have the plant I was looking for, but I found one that was close enough.
Camaria Jackson-Hearst
17:32 12 May 21
I love this place more than my plants.. I prmise it.
Mickey Crosby
15:25 09 May 21
Kim Stewart
17:15 08 May 21
16:45 07 May 21
sharon tucker
14:58 07 May 21
To crowded to tell what they had. Lost of employees but no help
Anita Cooper
20:17 05 May 21
Susan Sowell
20:29 04 May 21
So many helpful people,so many options.this store and Spring go hand in hand
John Ball
13:50 02 May 21
Family owned.. Great selection always something new ..
Donnie Lewis
14:51 30 Apr 21
Michelle M Toal
15:05 26 Apr 21
Expensive but lots to see and shop for
Carolyn Brown
02:06 26 Apr 21
A wide variety of flowers. The ladies that worked with the flowers are very knowledgeable. They were also very nice. A wonderful experience this afternoon.
tajuanna tinsley
20:30 25 Apr 21
Kathybeth Geigel
21:54 24 Apr 21
Brenda Fagen
18:37 21 Apr 21
Elizabeth Haberle
18:04 20 Apr 21
Loved it. Great service, clean, friendly and so many plants, pots, home goods, etc....I will be back there alot...😁
Kayla Robinson
23:02 19 Apr 21
Great selection. They gave us a free tomato plant because our kid was with us. The prices are fair and the staff is friendly. Tomato cages are a great price. 10 for $10
Jen Walker
03:13 19 Apr 21
So happy with my new table and chairs! Thank you Laura and staff for wrapping it up and getting it ready for its road trip to West Palm! Wish we had an Esposito's!
Irene Ford
22:54 18 Apr 21
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