Daniel A. Avila
17:22 13 Jan 22
The entrance of this place is gorgeous! And then you get inside...not so much. The interior staff did not greet me despite not being busy, and the layout is a mess. It’s hard to find anything at all...When you get to the back, however, it’s like a massive garden and it’s beautiful to walk around. Here is when staff greeted me and asked me if I needed any help. Overall a massive difference between the inside and outside. They seem to have some selection for everyone. I will be coming here again with more knowledge of plants so I can make an informed purchase without bothering the staff, but I bet they would have helped me regardless.
Brandon Hall
13:10 06 Jan 22
Teresa Hatler
04:21 02 Jan 22
Lots of variety. They have gardening supplies, decorations, bird feeders, bird baths, huge Christmas srlection. Plants are out back and a very cool gift store is to the left of the store.
Albertano Reducindo
17:24 01 Jan 22
Judy J
02:42 25 Dec 21
Great place for Christmas stuff and plants.
Emy Bennett
17:58 24 Dec 21
Kim Blanchet
12:27 23 Dec 21
Arlene Schwahn
00:32 22 Dec 21
Santhana Drake
23:19 21 Dec 21
Always a pleasure visiting. Even more so during Christmas time. Many unique items you can't find locally. Will return....
Crystal Barrett
14:41 21 Dec 21
Daniel Cauldwell
11:40 21 Dec 21
Laurie Long
04:49 20 Dec 21
John Womble
20:30 16 Dec 21
Kim Le
19:03 14 Dec 21
Their selection never disappoints.
I went in to purchase poinsettias and other plant gifts for a neighborhood raffle. Not only was everyone super helpful from beginning to end they had just what I needed. I wish I had the energy to shop in the store more today they had so many things that I wanted to check out for personal stocking stuffers.

I will be visit again.
JC Guppy
04:18 14 Dec 21
Good hydroponic and ans supplies! Got me a rosemary christmas tree. Great place.
Michael Newell
16:44 12 Dec 21
Joel Stokes
18:15 09 Dec 21
There's always someone nearby, no matter what part of Esposito you're in, to help you with everything.The staff are all super friendly, and knowledgeable about everything in the storeI HIGHLY recommend
Paula Pregent
19:48 06 Dec 21
Mel Chang
21:57 04 Dec 21
Jay Jewell
17:33 04 Dec 21
Friendly knowledgeable staff!
Audrey Holston
02:19 04 Dec 21
Love the Christmas displays and very nice selection of plants.
Seth Gustat
13:38 01 Dec 21
Always awesome staff. Great selections. Impeccable customer service!
Patrick Swanson
16:29 30 Nov 21
Caroline Walton Mathews
22:39 29 Nov 21
Tracy Mangum
06:33 29 Nov 21
s jhala
23:26 26 Nov 21
George Masini
23:00 26 Nov 21
Nicole Rodgers
17:50 26 Nov 21
Amazing place and so gorgeous.💓
Jason Bogart
23:16 24 Nov 21
Aimee Seay
05:40 21 Nov 21
Such a wonderful place to shop/visit. The owners are absolutely amazing people! A true Tallahassee favorite.
Helen McKelder
12:08 14 Nov 21
Kandy Crowe
02:35 08 Nov 21
Very helpful, friendly people. Love the selection of plants and gear.
Marie Anderson
14:34 02 Nov 21
Oscar Rothrock
21:48 29 Oct 21
G McDaniel
19:30 24 Oct 21
Pansies took a hit...but found an adorable Christmas flag. Going back to shop Lilies boutique soon.
18:34 24 Oct 21
Starla Archer
17:56 21 Oct 21
I highly recommend going to Esposito’s and checking out there Halloween stuff
Eureka Jenkins
12:44 15 Oct 21
Went to get something to eat and had to get it to go. Wanted to sit down and enjoy the ambiance.
Sam Garside
14:27 14 Oct 21
Robert Henley
16:04 12 Oct 21
Shirley Falls
01:30 11 Oct 21
An outstanding place for all of your garden needs. In addition, one of the best Christmas Wonderlands I have ever experienced. I highly recommend shopping there, you won't be disappointed.
Steve D
19:46 03 Oct 21
Always finding what I need whether it's advise, plants, gardening etc. Always my favorite place to shop.
Alexis N William Studebaker
16:49 03 Oct 21
I would like to personally take a moment and brag about an employee of yours. Wayne! Wayne went above and beyond in helping me with the purchase of a large amount of Sweet Viburnum Bushes and some fungicide spray. He was super knowledgeable and very friendly! He made my first visit to your store a very pleasant visit. And I will for sure be back and hope to see Wayne for all my future purchases! Thanks Wayne for having such a warm welcoming and pleasant attitude that so many people lack in today’s world!!! You made our hour and half drive worth the experience.
nick marshall
16:36 02 Oct 21
Great people to work with
Star Archer
15:36 29 Sep 21
I went to Esposito’s looking for mums originally and ended up getting pumpkins 🎃 and found a enormous spider 🕷 plant on sale for 19.99 . I came across a ton of Halloween colored plants that I can’t wait to put together in a arrangement. They has a ton of Halloween 👻 decorations at a reasonable price. They also had Chimineas I know it’s that time of weather I was tempted to get one I will most Definitely be coming back to get some more goods fromThis wonderful place . Just adding I’ve been to most nurseries in Tallahassee. And this one by far has everything you would need for a small piece or a bigger yard project they even haveAquatic plants! I hope this helps
Alisa Hunter Stegall
00:29 29 Sep 21
Soooo beautiful! The staff was very helpful
US King
19:33 25 Sep 21
Like it a lot. Just wish they offered a military discount like Tallahassee Nursery does.
Jim Stokley
14:54 10 Sep 21
Good selection
Art Johnstone
17:57 06 Sep 21
Nice selection of plants. Good labor day sale prices. Staff are helpful, but not quite as knowledgeable as those at Tallahassee Nursery.
Jessica Parker
16:59 05 Sep 21
Ronald Laone
13:08 05 Sep 21
Great place for yard stuff...be sure to ask for the military veteran discount! I'll be back for sure!
Henry Fain
20:51 01 Sep 21
Lot a varieties of plants,yard fixtures and more. I even deliver sod there from Woerner Farms.
Michael Conyers
21:12 31 Aug 21
Dhalloween C
10:56 29 Aug 21
Love this place! The variety of plants is amazing . Employees are knowledgeable.
Alli Timms
19:45 28 Aug 21
Char Nettles
16:16 27 Aug 21
Fun place to shop. Complimentary cold bottled water for customers on hot days👍 Beautiful plants, beautiful Christmas shop year round!
cindy Lampert
13:35 27 Aug 21
Tracy Tracy
03:14 26 Aug 21
Vicki Stanton
17:27 25 Aug 21
Had a great time there, their staff were so friendly and so knowledgeable. Everyone working there that you passed asked if they could help or help find something for you will definitely go back without a doubt
Christine Tornero
14:49 25 Aug 21
Dustin Fowler
19:15 22 Aug 21
Mary Clubb
12:15 22 Aug 21
Ruby Porter
22:35 21 Aug 21
Very nice place. Get what you went after.
21:11 19 Aug 21
William Birch
00:25 19 Aug 21
Sarah Gabrick
22:53 17 Aug 21
julia Thigpen
16:52 17 Aug 21
Good selection, helpful and friendly staff.
Mark Shoplak
20:13 16 Aug 21
Can find nearly anything you are looking for here. Pricy on some of their items, but seems to be quality items.
peggy cammons
04:30 16 Aug 21
Came in looking for 2 items, they had neitherImpatiens nor dwarf geraniumNot equipped for people who like to browse but cannot walk for any length of time. Saw no wheelchair access. Not enough people outside to help find something. Not a pleasant experienceHalf a mile to find a clerk, then another half to locate the item. Not a pleasant experience.
Sallie Kelly
16:18 14 Aug 21
Annette Sorne
21:50 13 Aug 21
Always a pleasure to visit Esposito. They care. Their staff are always friendly and helpful when you’re needing advise.
Michael Brown
15:00 13 Aug 21
Excellent customer service.
Tony Peoples
19:12 01 Aug 21
Great business. Very nice employees. Went there to purchase some plants and a grill. I received excellent service.
Chris Starnes (OlllllO)
20:36 30 Jul 21
Kristy Penuel
18:18 29 Jul 21
Amazing shop
Jennifer Weeks
12:25 27 Jul 21
Always friendly and knowledgeable.
Joe Alvarez
19:47 20 Jul 21
Naomi Clark
23:01 17 Jul 21
Carole Vertz
15:55 16 Jul 21
Tony Nguyen
13:27 15 Jul 21
Good selections. Got what I needed. Staffs are helpful. I am from out of town, so it's nice to have a garden center here instead sticking with replica of HD and Lowes
Kian Akvan
03:49 11 Jul 21
Anthony Holmes 71
22:56 09 Jul 21
Stephen Bland
23:29 05 Jul 21
Lady in garden center with knee brace or pad is great. Knowledgeable,helpful,friendly,efficient
Miriam Elizabeth Sterling
20:59 05 Jul 21
friendly folks! they knew exactly what I was looking for and took me right to it! I'll be coming for all of my gardening needs!
Joan Reaves
20:55 05 Jul 21
Great trip! Got just the flowers I was looking for.
Alan Herring
16:59 01 Jul 21
Ken Cherubini
16:49 27 Jun 21
Awesome selection of flora.A little expensive, but you get what you pay for.
Jane Rothenberger
20:40 26 Jun 21
Best staff to help you out with knowledge expertise!!
Linda Zussy
15:34 26 Jun 21
Lots of wonderful choices here. Employees are knowledgeable and friendly
Sammy Patrick
19:16 23 Jun 21
Great variety of indoor and outdoor home/garden items. Prices range from affordable to very expensive. Something for everyone.
Andrea Whitin
17:53 21 Jun 21
Large range of plant types and species to choose from along with any tools, decorations and additions that anyone would need in their garden. The outdoor area is a little hard to navigate but there are many employees who are knowledgeable and eager to help. Quite a pleasant shopping experience.
Gary & Linda Strickland
12:58 18 Jun 21
Glenn Hunter
18:21 17 Jun 21
Esposito's is a great place to visit and sales high quality goods. However, I find their pricing Worthy of comparison shopping. Sometimes they're right in line and sometimes they're double depending on the item.
Frankie Guerrido
21:41 16 Jun 21
Janice Giannoble
20:59 15 Jun 21
Bill Raymond
21:08 13 Jun 21
Ram 2017
17:24 13 Jun 21
Darren Archer
18:16 12 Jun 21
Tom DiTanna
12:02 05 Jun 21
Wide variety of everything related to gardening and much more.
Robert white
18:22 04 Jun 21
Been dealing with Michael about hydroponic gardening. He is an expert. I just lost a Blueberry plant so I decided to try Espositos to purchase a new one. The lady who answered the phone was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Was able to guide me in my selection. WhenI asked price,I was blown away. Was expecting to pay much more. Going to pick up plants Sunday while I’m in town. For my plant shopping Iwill be starting at Espositos from now on.
Clifford Yates
02:49 04 Jun 21
Great service and delivery
christianna collins
14:11 31 May 21
The flowers are gorgeous and I love the layout of the garden
Diane Del Castillo Kelley
18:55 08 May 21
beautiful place, first time visiting and will be back!
Debora Hall
23:28 09 Apr 21
Favorite garden center... best customer service and knowledgeable staff. Picked up a few planter flowers 💐 until my pansies and snapdragons are done.... had to pick up adorable gifts and my favorite Michael hand soap in the new gift shop.... bought edible nasturtiums for the first time. Looking forward to some creative salads. thank you Esposito
Ann Marie
20:30 26 Mar 21
a lovely variety of everything you need for your garden and more! You leave feeling happy! Definitely will be back soon!
Tracie Burgman
19:40 25 Mar 21
I went to flower heaven, traveled
from Valdosta to get what I wanted!
Mari Kimbrel
12:00 01 Dec 20
We were excited to visit Santa this past Saturday.

What we were not expecting (and much to our delight) was a complete Winter Wonderland filled with more Christmas trees then you could imagine. Around every twist and turn was a beautifully decorated themed tree. It reminded us of the themed trees at Disney Springs! Our favorites were the beach and nativity trees. Thank you Esposito Garden Center for bringing unexpected holiday joy to our family.
Tina Willoughby
23:44 28 Sep 20
friendly staff! even the resident cat was friendly 🤗
Janice Shuck Tucker
16:52 08 Sep 20
I started using Esposito‘s in 1965. I loved it then and I love it even more now. They’re expanding into a fabulous gift department. Brenda has ordered fabulous gifts for every occasion. I just went over and bought a lot of Christmas decorations. I love shopping at Esposito’s and I’m sure you will too. I give it five stars!
Amy Simpson Kirby
15:00 05 Sep 20
Friendly staff, beautiful products.
Nancy Harnage
15:21 27 Jun 20
Love how everyone seems to be so knowledgeable about plants and insecticides. I always get my questions answered at Esposito’s!
Jim Peak
04:38 26 Jun 20
The employees are knowledgeable and friendly
Sharpe Sharpe Te Te
21:03 07 May 20
Their plants especially..💞
Stacy Thompson
22:53 27 Apr 20
I emailed an inquiry. They called the next day and delivered the day after. The prices were fair. The delivery was smooth. Glad to have new living things in this heavy and bizarre time! Thank you!
Roy Rhodes
00:32 14 Apr 20
Any plant,bush,shrub,flower,seed,decorative ornament, gardening tool...you name it they got !! Never disappointed. Even acquired each of my power tools. Fairly knowledgeable staff too.
Thanks Ralph
Michael Timothy
01:06 11 Apr 20
Great customer service. They actually had the Trinidad and Carolina Reaper plants I was looking for.
Carol Voyles Powell
19:47 09 Apr 20
Super Big thanks to Espositos garden center for helping us with social distancing... and delivering for a reasonable fee our generator that was in for repair... we will be sure to keep our dog away from it and the wiring harness in future!!! They also delivered Larrys and my anniversary citrus trees to us last month! Awesome service!!!
Mily Martinez
22:11 12 Feb 20
sus bellezas de jardines Dlb
Rita Jones
00:24 06 Feb 20
Thumbs up 👍 to the personnel as they were helpful and knowledgeable when I was planning a cutting garden for my grandchildren to enjoy!🌼
Pam Evans Jimmy Waters
16:58 21 Dec 19
great staff and selection
Julie-Rose Godwin
13:39 06 Dec 19
esposito has a very knowledgeable staff and they are willing to go above and beyond for their customers! highly recommend
Phyllis Calabro Burkhart
00:27 06 Dec 19
I enjoyed their Christmas event. Santa and Mrs. Claus, Llama's, face painting, cookies and more. loved watching the children as they laughed and giggled at all the twinkling lights and decorated 🌲.
Sally Feehrer
19:30 05 Dec 19
Knowledgeable staff and great selections!
Mollie Cohen
13:36 21 Nov 19
EXCELLENT customer service! They stand behind their products and do an outstanding job making sure customers are completely satisfied! Employees are friendly and very helpful!
Valerie Davis-Binder
15:14 03 Oct 19
Thank you, Monroe and Tabitha, for the exceptional customer service you both provided me on Monday. The Mexican Petunia Plant was the perfect gift for my co-worker! I appreciate your enthusiasm and friendly smiles during my shopping at Esposito's!
Linda Price Huff
13:31 17 Aug 19
Very nice, friendly place to shop. All the staff is aware of products, etc and knowledgeable of care needed.
Stephanie Lovett Esposito
18:42 07 Aug 19
My husband had this beautiful flower arrangement delivered from Esposito Garden Center today.
Fritz Kirsch
22:35 03 Aug 19
Great people and plants!7 They're so knowledgable about plants and the people are so friendly. Good prices too!
Mary Lou Vonier
22:59 27 Jun 19
healthy plants and good varniety
Janella Murphy
16:33 21 Jun 19
They are so helpful when you are purchasing from their garden. And the gift shop is easy to use
Arlene Hendricks
22:07 09 May 19
It's fun to shop at Esposito 's always something new.
Becky Dotson
12:34 23 Apr 19
i always find what i am looking for....and many things I wasn't. great customer service.
Melissa Lillo
18:03 15 Apr 19
I drove 2+ hours just to go here from the commercials on TV. I was not disappointed and will be coming back over and over.
Janice Eakin
15:43 10 Apr 19
A great place for Gardner's! Beautiful, healthy plants, supplies galore and helpful staff. I love seeing the resident kitties and sometimes they have free popcorn!
Aifton Coleman
18:34 22 Dec 18
The best Santa in town! We can’t wait to visit again next Christmas!
Donna Tim Osborn
15:02 06 Dec 18
Love this place❣️
My go to place for plants for my church, my yard and my garden ❣️
Debbie Ciccarelli Touchton
17:39 30 Nov 18
I love Esposito’s and my favorite time of the year is at Christmas time! They always have an amazing selection of ornaments to buy!
Lana Hill
02:40 30 Nov 18
great. wonderful time. lots of deals and sales.
Patricia Hunter Lehman
15:46 28 Nov 18
Beautiful plants and flowers !! Most important is plenty of people to help that know their plants and flowers 💐💐💐💐
Cathe Deloney
20:54 15 Nov 18
selection, inventory, assistance and price
Robin Tucker
02:55 09 Nov 18
Thank you for hosting Ladies night. It was really fun!
Rosemarie Allen
02:27 09 Nov 18
Always a pleasant shopping experience. The employees are knowledgeable whether outdoor gardening or inside decor. My family have been loyal clients for
20 years.. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.🎅🌼🌸🍁
Mary Hester O'Neal
19:48 01 Nov 18
The employees are knowledgeable and so helpful. The guys in the tropical section are outstanding. We put in a new pool a few years ago and with their advice have created a tropical paradise around our pool.
Patricia Baxley
15:43 29 Oct 18
Love love Espositos . I miss Ralph's segment that was on WCTV at one point...
Cara Garrett
16:54 13 Oct 18
I’ve never been to Esposito’s prior to today. We just recently bought our home in town and have never really had a reason...however we went today to get a generator and some gas cans so my husband can go to his family in PC and help them out after Hurricane Michael. I was beyond impressed with every bit of customer service we received. Not only are they one of the few places in town with both generators AND gas cans, but they spent a good amount of time going over how to work and maintain the generator and were so incredibly friendly and efficient. Needless to say they have a customer in me from now on! Thank you!
Thomas Carroll
17:08 26 Sep 18
Outstanding Personnel. Today looking for Milkweed and the ones they had did not look good, Lady explained the lost one of there supplier so the ones they had was not good.
Evelyn Holton Brown
19:49 08 Aug 18
Always a great variety of flowers and plants to choose from. Customer service is right there to assist with every need!
Jenny Paddock
21:59 03 Aug 18
The Unicorn Garden Party was a great success. So well organized and the people were friendly.
Fran Eggleston
15:37 23 Jun 18
Austin Remmers
18:22 07 Jun 18
Rollie was so great and so helpful. Went out of his way to talk to us and help us find what we needed with a smile even in 90 degree summer heat! Highly recommend this store.
Cynthia Ann
14:00 21 May 18
Awesome choice of anything you might need or want. But their customer service is the best!! Their employees are knowledgeable and always willing to help! 💙
Aomori Chou
01:50 21 May 18
Everytime I come, Patrick (I believe that's his name, my memory isn't what it used to be) is so helpful! He answers all my questions which is a lot because my thumb is far from green. The staff is friendly and I always leave feeling well equipped for the projects I try.
Tammy Fowler
16:19 20 Dec 17
I look forward to using my $100 gift card, thanks Esposito's, brightened up my day!!
Barbara Mathis
13:38 17 Dec 17
I love Esposito's, Always helpful. Call or go in and ask anything. Ralphs horticulturists can answer all your questions. I took a small piece of bush with berries from my yard. Found out it was poison. Cut it down, didn't want my grandson or other kids eating the berries. Barbara Mathis
Kim McCall-Ruiz
14:08 13 Dec 17
I love everything about this place...The Staff is absolutely wonderful...They go all out for any event they hold...& the products they carry are amazing...
I live in Crawfordville & will gladly drive to Tallahassee to go to Esposito's for all my needs.
Carrie Wilson Young
17:50 10 Dec 17
The staff is friendly and helpful, so pleasant to visit. The Center is amazing! We loved the Christmas Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus. The elves we awesome, everyone was so kind, the activities were engaging, and experience will be treasured. Thank you!!
Lynn Anderson Hanfman
14:31 10 Dec 17
What a wonderful event! My son had a blast and so did the adults.
Michelle Willis
18:53 08 Dec 17
One of my favorite places to shop especially during the holiday season �
Vince Russo
17:03 07 Dec 17
Great customer service and the tree stand I bought is fantastic!
Stefanie Higgins
14:39 07 Dec 17
Kymber Green
14:22 04 Dec 17
A beautiful garden center with everything you need! My favorite weekend activity is to wander the aisles and outdoor areas dreaming up new gardening projects and arrangements. Staff is wonderfully helpful and knowledgable.
Carolyn Jones Trawick
04:18 02 Dec 17
April Edwards
00:26 02 Dec 17
Tes Ratcliff
00:00 02 Dec 17
Allen Ball
14:56 01 Dec 17
Great place to get advice for your landscaping maintenance and design.
Jeni Wilmot
15:07 29 Oct 17
Robert Gutierrez
00:35 16 Oct 17
A great place! Helpful staff and wonderful selection!
Julia Kacey
22:36 14 Oct 17
Melinda Smith Topicz
00:15 14 Sep 17
Brian Pfeifer
12:41 11 Sep 17
Esposito's resonate to Hurricane Irma was amazing. They did everything they did to help obtain supplies during the storm - in a calm and organized fashion. Customer service was great :)�
Jeffrey C Duncan
12:50 09 Sep 17
These guys are great! No gouging before the storm and very helpful! I have always shopped here but their business right before Irma just solidified that choice even more!
Rachel Weyel
19:52 21 Aug 17
Kaitlyn Crawley
12:46 13 Mar 17
this was my first time here and it was wonderful! the place was way bigger than I imagined. So many plants and flowers to choose from with great prices! we will definitely be back!
Mo Vo
17:20 12 Mar 17
Shauna Kornegay
21:45 11 Mar 17
Love Espisoto's products, friendly staff, and ongoing family events!
Ulla Tallberg
20:35 11 Mar 17
Jo Ann Green Hutchinson
12:58 07 Mar 17
Love the new set up. More customer friendly
and attractive
Dona Gerstein
23:21 15 Dec 16
Tricia Yount
00:29 14 Dec 16
You can always find old time favorites along with the latest. Just ask and they will help. From flowers to decorations Esposito's is the place
Karen Burnette
06:26 13 Dec 16
Zaina Kinsey
18:16 10 Dec 16
Jill Plain
17:36 10 Dec 16
Dee Coley Harper
14:38 11 Nov 16
Alyssa McJagger Grimes
18:32 03 Nov 16
Patti Wallace
17:05 23 Oct 16
Sonya Porter Muscato
13:59 19 Oct 16
Thanks you so much for the fall display at our salon! Love you! Bella!
Matthew Borman
22:12 12 Jun 16
The people at Esposito's are wonderful! For everything lawn and garden, they can help. Plants, shrubs, lawn maintenance or equipment repair these people not only have an answer, they have help.
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