Mexican Pottery & Decorations

Hand-Painted Designs

Weather-Resistant Coating

Vibrant, Bright, and Cheery

Great for Gifting

Glazed Ceramic Pots

Wide Variety of Sizes and Colors

Glazed with Weatherproof Coating

Color-coordinated Sets

Durable & Wind-Proof

Pot-Rollers Available in Store

Unglazed Pottery

Grey or Orange Terra Cotta

Many Sizes Available

Saucers in Plastic or Clay

Decorative Pots for Houseplants

Stylish Designs with Embellishments

Many Colors and Styles to Choose From

Self-Watering Violet Pots

Pots With or Without Drainage Holes

Decorative Wicker Baskets

Coconut Baskets and Boxes

Breathable & Well-Aerated

Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Attractive Rustic Look

Many Sizes to Choose From

Replacement Liners

Plastic Pots, Boxes, Baskets, and Seed Trays

Plastic Pots and Saucers in All Sizes

Window Boxes

Hanging Baskets

Seed Starting Trays

Smart Pots

Suitable for Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

Encourages Healthy Root Development

Excellent Drainage and Oxygenation

May be used with Hydroponic Gardens

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