Lawn Maintenance Service

Lawn Maintenance in Tallahassee

For a landscape that always looks great. We provide residential and commercial lawn maintenance.  We will maintain a single family residence, a large apartment complex or an office building. Under our lawn maintenance plan, our professionals will cut your grass to the correct height for the season, edge your beds, weed your beds, prune your hedges, blow the paved areas to clear clippings and remove any debris that is naturally in your lawn. You may sign a yearly contract or we also provide one-time service.

Do you worry that your lawn guy won’t show? We use a computerized scheduling system which helps to ensure you have the same service each time you are scheduled, usually with the same crew that will get to know your yard.

Our trained professionals will view the site and provide you with a FREE written analysis and estimate. Please call the garden center at 850-386-2114, ask for the Lawn Maintenance Department, and set up an appointment.

We always:

  • guarantee our work
  • provide reliable service
  • hire and train knowledgeable staff
  • retain supervisors to oversee the job site and be available when necessary to handle special requests

Lawn Maintenance Services

Esposito’s shall provide all labor and equipment necessary to perform the following services:

  • Mowing the Lawn – The lawn will be cut during each visit in such a manner as to eliminate uneven areas.  Leaves will be removed from turf areas as seasonally required.
  • Edging – Lawns will be edged along curbs, walkways, drives and other borders for a crisp, sharp edge.
  • Weeding – Weed control in all planted beds will be continuous.  Both hand-weeding and chemical herbicide will be employed to maintain these areas.
  • Pruning – All ornamental plant material will be shaped as needed to promote healthy, uniform plantings.  Clippings will be removed and beds left neat and orderly.
  • Blowing – Driveways and sidewalks will be kept free of sand, debris and leaves.
  • Debris Control — Areas will be inspected at each visit to remove paper, bottles, trash and “normal” amounts of sticks and limbs that fall between visits. Unusual amounts of debris that result from severe weather, such as hurricanes, hailstorms, tornados, and thunderstorms with winds exceeding 35 mph may require additional charges for labor and hauling.

Additional services we provide (requires separate approved estimate)

  • Insect and Disease Control – Esposito’s is licensed by the State of Florida to provide pest control for lawns and ornamental plantings.  Special treatments requiring additional equipment and/or visits (not normally scheduled) will be charged at the rate of $35.00 per hour, plus the cost of the chemicals used.  We will be happy to provide an estimate and as always, additional charges must be approved from the owner or property manager before work begins.
  • Fertilizing – Lawn and shrub fertilizer is recommended twice annually, spring and fall.  February and September, each customer will be contacted to confirm the approval for this additional expense.  The price quoted will cover the cost of both materials and installation labor.
  • Mulching of Beds – Mulching will be maintained for a neat appearance.  Foreign material (sticks, paper, etc.) will be removed.  Your choice of mulch (pine straw, pine bark) should be added twice per year or as needed to hold moisture, control weeds, and prevent extremes in temperature change.  Along with the material cost, additional labor will be charged, the amount depending on job size.
  • Treatment of Ant Mounds – Ant mounds will be treated with Amdro ant poison.
  • Irrigation — We offer free irrigation system designs and estimates for all customers under a maintenance contract. Also, we will maintain and perform repairs on systems installed by others, in conjunction with a regular maintenance program at competitive prices.
  • Tree Service — We provide pruning, tree removal and stump-grinding services. Esposito’s is fully licensed and insured to handle all your tree service needs.
  • Mulching – We can lay mulch or install pine straw in your beds and dead spots under the trees.
  • Sod — We can lay sod in areas that have become too thin or are in need of new grass.
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