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Esposito’s Landscape Design & Installation In Tallahassee

Whether you need a landscape design for a new home, or plan to revitalize and renovate an established yard we specialize in developing quality master plans. The Master Plan is a scale drawing showing the house,  lot lines and any physical structures on the property, the outlines of the planting beds, and the location of all the plants. With the plan comes a complete breakdown of all the costs of the plants and materials, and the labor costs for us to install the job for you.

The design fee is based on a rate of $85 per hour, the total amount to be determined after the designer visits your site. Residential design fees typically start around $300 to $400 for a standard-sized foundation planting. These fees may be higher for large or highly-involved designs.

Enjoy a beautiful landscape the easy way- we have everything you need! We can help from the beginning of the planning process to the finishing touches that make your outdoor home so special. Maintenance plans are available to keep your design looking great all year long.

To schedule landscape services, please call the Garden Center today at 850-386-2114 and ask for the landscape department, or contact us at

We Do It All! Design…Installation… Maintenance

Master Planting Plan 

Every project is different. We design a landscape just for you- one that fits your house and your lifestyle- so there is no set cost. Many factors can influence the cost – the size of the house, the size of the yard, the number of plants, the size of the plants and the amount of site preparation needed. We can tailor a landscape project to meet your budget, or we can plan the work in phases. Please feel free to discuss the cost considerations at the beginning of the planning process. 


Our thoroughly trained crews can install all or part of the landscape plan for you, including big trees, shrubs, flowers and sod. Your plants will thrive with our expert soil preparation and planting techniques. We guarantee our plants and our work. We can also install irrigation, outdoor lighting, paths and walkways, ponds and fountains. 


If all you need is advice, you may request a consultation with a designer to walk your property with you, answer questions and give you suggestions. The one-hour consultation fee is $125.

Our custom designs will make your home look great! Each detailed landscape plan will be designed to reflect the homeowner’s personal tastes and blend perfectly with the style of the home. We’ll help you make the most of your space by creating a place to relax, entertain and reconnect with nature. Every plan comes with a detailed plant list and a breakdown of all costs. Plant it yourself or let us do the dirty work. Either way, you can rest assured knowing your plants will thrive thanks to our expert soil preparation tips and professional planting techniques. Projects may be planned in phases to meet your budget if desired. The Esposito’s team can create:

    • Gardens with small pools, waterfalls, or ponds to add soothing sounds
    • Low-maintenance gardens featuring drought-tolerant, native plants
    • Gardens with retaining walls or built-in planters
    • Specialty gardens with children or pets in mind
    • Gardens with pathways, patios and fountains
    • Pool and patio gardens
    • Container gardens
    • Wildlife gardens

Because we have a full-scale gardening retail store on-site, we are able to provide a wide range of accessories including:

    • Benches, birdbaths, arbors, and other accessories to make your garden more enjoyable
    • Decorative pots and urns to add a pop of color
    • Patio furniture in a wide range of styles
    • Fountains and bubblers of all sizes
    • Outdoor Lighting- Enjoy your garden after dark

From large trees to shrubs to sod, we’ll supply your complete landscape. Fix up an old yard with a lawn renovation and some new plants. We stand behind out expert installation and top quality components, and we offer a one year warranty on all of the landscape plants used in your design.

Struggling with drainage? Tired of the soggy yard? Our team can diagnose and solve your drainage problems! We can install a new system, or modify your existing system to ensure it is working efficiently.  We use industrial quality materials engineered to last a lifetime. The Esposito’s drainage team can:

    • Control run-off and erosion with catch basins and oversize drain pipes
    • Install invisible French drains to keep water away from the foundation
    • Stop sheet flow across turf with landscape plantings
    • Install gutters and drains to manage roof run-off
    • Install underground drainage systems

Please call the garden center at 850-386-2114 and ask for the

landscape department to set up a consultation today.

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