Landscape Design and Consultation


  • sic Landscape Consultations are provided to customers who need help deciding what to plant or how to renovate a small area of the landscape. This service is perfect for anyone who needs assistance diagnosing plant problems or learning how to prune and fertilize their plants. The valuable insight gained from a single $125.00 consultation will help you improve the look of your garden while spending your landscaping dollars more effectively. Detailed planting plans are generally not provided with a Basic Landscape Consultation, but simple sketches may be provided as needed. 
  • Comprehensive Landscape Designs are provided by Anna, who has been creating beautiful designs for the Esposito’s landscaping team for over 25 years. Anna will provide a detailed, scaled landscape plan created with your specific vision and landscaping goals in mind. While a Basic Landscape Consultation may suffice if you are only planting or replacing a few small garden beds, a Comprehensive Landscape Design is generally required for larger areas. Prices start at $250.00 and go up depending on the size of the project.
  • We’ll Do It For You  Installation estimates may be provided along with either of the aforementioned consultations. Our team can handle everything from selecting healthy plants to garden bed preparation, planting, and clean-up. Please understand that it takes time for our team to asses costs and provide an estimate; all plants, materials, labor, and equipment must be accounted for.

Please call 850-386-2114 and ask for Landscape Department for: Landscape Design, Pavers, Patios, Drainage to schedule any of the services mentioned above.

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