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  • Garden consultation-Landscape consultations are provided by David Marshall. David was the University of Florida IFAS Leon County Extension Agent for 36 years. His expertise is now available to customers who may need ideas for what to plant or how to renovate an area of the landscape, as well as to customers who may need help in diagnosing plant problems, learning how to prune, how to fertilize, or with any other types of landscape and gardening questions. The vast amount of information gained from a $75.00 consultation can help you spend your gardening dollars much more wisely. Though a detailed planting plan is not generally provided with a landscape consultation, simple sketches can be provided. If these sketches require additional time after the site visit, the same hourly fee applies. For example, a one-hour site visit that requires one hour of follow-up sketches would be billed as two hours at $75.00 an hour or $150.00 An Esposito horticulturist will come to your home and provide plant identification and care information, gardening advice and other relevant recommendations. The appointment is tailored to your needs.
  • Landscape Design Consultation– Anna Dickey –Landscape designs are provided by Anna Dickey. Anna, who has been on Esposito’s landscape design team for over 15 years, will provide a detailed, to-scale, planting plan which can be followed in installing your landscape. Whereas a landscape consultation may suffice if you are only planting or replacing a small portion of your landscape, a full landscape design is generally needed for larger areas or full landscape design is generally needed for larger areas or full landscapes. Depending on the size of the area and the complexity, landscape design charges generally start at $250.00 for a smaller yard and go up from there.
  • Estimates to have Esposito’s do the work can be provided with both landscape consultations and landscape designs. Please understand that it takes time to work up an estimate, as all plants, materials, and labor and equipment have to be included. With sizeable landscape designs, the design charge may be credited toward your installation charge.

If you are interested in either a landscape consultation or landscape design, please let us know. We will be glad to serve you.

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