Christmas Decorations

at Esposito Garden Center 

For the past 30 years, Esposito’s has captured the enchantment of the holiday season with our Christmas Shop. Beginning in August, our team of designers led by Hurtis Amerson creates thematic holiday trees using more than 10,000 carefully curated ornaments and miles of lights. All the ornaments, lights and holiday decor are available for purchase. Stop by the Garden Center from August through December and watch as the Garden Center transforms into all things Christmas.

Lighted Spheres

Our LED spheres are new and improved! They come in 5 sizes, & 8 stunning colors. These large orbs are lighter than ever and easy to hang….No chains required! The powder-coated frame is rust-resistant and built to last. At the end of the season, storage couldn’t be simpler; each orb folds completely flat, making them easy to stack and stow. In addition to their superior functionality, these new orbs are significantly less expensive than older varieties! Visit our store in the evening to see them lit up in person; it’s absolutely beautiful!

Cluster Lights

If you’re in the market for new Christmas lights you absolutely MUST give cluster rice lights a try! They come in convenient 73 foot rolls to make decorating quick and easy. These awe-inspiring lights are absolutely unbreakable and come with a 30,000 hour guarantee! These wonderful lights come in many colors: multicolor, cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, & purple. Each strand is complete with a simple controller that filters through 8 functions so you can set your lights to stationary, blinking, twinkling, and more! These lights make it easier than ever to trim a hedge; simply zig zag the lights quickly over the bush. To trim your tree in record time, start at the top and work your way down. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to make cluster lights look great!

Artificial Christmas Trees

There’s no shame in choosing an artificial tree! They are a great choice if you have family members with allergies, want something that will last forever, or dislike cleaning up after a real tree. Not to mention, choosing a pre-lit tree can save valuable time when it comes to decorating! 

We have a great selection of beautiful trees for any budget, and many are on sale…..25% off! Green, white, retro, frosted, and more! From table top trees up to 14 foot giants fit for a grand living room…we have it all! For instance, check out all of these adorable mini-trees. They’re absolutely perfect for entryways, guest rooms, and small-space living.

 Eager to keep up with the latest and greatest trends of the season? If so, you should check out our new Firefly Trees! Can you believe how many lights they managed to fit on a single tree? Each Firefly Tree comes with thousands of teeny tiny lights that flicker as though they were real fireflies! You’ll have to see it in person to full appreciate the magic. We can guarantee friends and family will be asking where you got such an amazing tree; it’s truly breathtaking.

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