Grass and Ground Covers

Grasses and groundcovers are very important elements in the landscape. To assist you in choosing the best for your situation we offer these tables with basic growing information. Please click on the hyperlinked (in blue) text to get more information on each grass and groundcover


TurfgrassesPropagationShade ToleranceSalt ToleranceMowing HeightInsects/PestsDiseases
BahiaSeedVery LightPoor3-4″ rotaryMole CricketsDollar Spot
BermudaSeed,SodNoneVery Poor0.5-1″ reelMole Crickets NematodesBrown Patch,        Dollar Spot, Helminthosporium Leaf Spot
CentipedeSeed, Sod, PlugsVery LightVery Poor1.5-2″ rotarySpittlebugs,   Sod Webworms, NematodesBrown Patch,             Dollar Spot
St.AugustineSod, PlugsModerateVery Good2.5-4″ rotaryChinchbugs,  Sod WebwormsBrown Patch,        Gray-leaf spot
ZoysiaSeed, Sod, PlugsLightVery Good1-2″ reelHunting Billbug, NematodesBrown Patch,        Dollar Spot, Rust
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