Grass and Ground Covers

Grasses and groundcovers are very important elements in the landscape. To assist you in choosing the best for your situation we offer these tables with basic growing information. Please click on the hyperlinked (in blue) text to get more information on each grass and groundcover


Turfgrasses Propagation Shade Tolerance Salt Tolerance Mowing Height Insects/Pests Diseases
Bahia Seed Very Light Poor 3-4″ rotary Mole Crickets Dollar Spot
Bermuda Seed,Sod None Very Poor 0.5-1″ reel Mole Crickets Nematodes Brown Patch,        Dollar Spot, Helminthosporium Leaf Spot
Centipede Seed, Sod, Plugs Very Light Very Poor 1.5-2″ rotary Spittlebugs,   Sod Webworms, Nematodes Brown Patch,             Dollar Spot
St.Augustine Sod, Plugs Moderate Very Good 2.5-4″ rotary Chinchbugs,  Sod Webworms Brown Patch,        Gray-leaf spot
Zoysia Seed, Sod, Plugs Light Very Good 1-2″ reel Hunting Billbug, Nematodes Brown Patch,        Dollar Spot, Rust
Groundcovers Height Light Drought Tolerance Salt Tolerance
Ajuga, Ajuga reptans 2″, 6-10″ in flower Sun to Partial Shade Low Low
Asiatic Jasmine,               Trachelospermum asiaticum 8-12″ Full Sun to Full Shade Moderate Moderate
Border Grass, Liriope spp. 6-18″ Shade High Moderate
Cast Iron Plant, Aspidistra elatior 20-30″ Shade Low Moderate
Creeping Fig, Ficus pumila 8-12″ Sun to Partial Shade High Moderate
Coontie, Zamia pumila 12-36″ Sun to Shade High High
Daylily, Hemerocallis spp. 6-12″, 12-36″ in flower Sun High High
Dwarf Gardenia,                   Gardenia jasminoides Radicans 6-12″ Sun to Partial Shade Moderate Low
Ivy, Algerian, Hedera canariensis 6″ Shade Moderate High
Ivy, English, Hedera helix 6″ Shade Moderate High
Juniper, Blue Pacific,                  Juniperus conferta‘Blue Pacific’ 12-18″ Sun High High
Juniper, Blue Rug,                      Juniperus horizontalis’Wiltonii’ 10-12″ Sun High Low
Juniper, Parsons                          Juniperus chinensis ‘Parsonii’ 18-24″ Sun High Moderate
Juniper, Procumbens, Juniperus chinensis procumbens nana 12-18″ Sun High Moderate
Mondograss,                Ophiopogon japonicus 6-12″ Shade High Moderate
Vinca Vine, Vinca major 12″ Partial Shade Moderate Low
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