Espoma Fertilizers

Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding

Contains Bio-tone® microbes to help plants get established faster

Adds organic matter to soil. Naturally low in salts so it won’t burn your plants

Microbial Root Boosters

Before you plant any new fall flowers, veggies, trees, or shrubs, take a few moments to learn about the newest asset in our gardening toolbox: bio-stimulants! No, it’s not a new brand of protein-powder, but it will certainly help your plants bulk-up.

As a FL gardener, you’re likely well-acquainted with the various stressors our plants can be subjected to throughout the year – heavy rain, intense heat, and hurricane force winds to name a few. Plants under stress often suffer from leaf drop, slowed growth, and diminished bloom production; there’s even potential for permanent damage that could stunt or slow growth for the entirety of the plants life.

A recent discovery with potential to dramatically reduce the negative effects of plant stress is giving horticulturalists cause for celebration! The secret: beneficial micro-organisms – bacteria and fungi that work together with your plant to create balance and resiliency in virtually any environment. Studies show that using friendly fungi, known as mycorrhizal innoculants, in conjunction with symbiotic beneficial bacteria improves plants’ tolerance to water-deficiency and allows for more rapid recovery when irrigation is resumed. The plants treated with bio-stimulants also showed improved nutrient uptake. This helps extend the shelf life of plants in a retail setting and it aids growth in gardens suffering from nutrient deficiency – a common struggle in urban environments.

Results showed that bio-stimulants applied earlier in the growth process were more effective; they provided the plant time to form more robust root systems and healthier growth prior to being subjected to stress. Bacteria and fungi both require time to colonize the plant’s roots and form the plant-microbe network that promotes growth and stress tolerance. Think of it as an insurance policy; applying bio-stimulants early on will help your plant overcome stress later.

Granular bio-stimulants such as Espoma Bio-tone may be added directly to the hole at the time of planting, and liquid bio-stimulants such as FoxFarm Microbe Brew can be poured over previously-planted specimens at any time. These stimulants are just as useful in containers as they are in the ground. When using granular Bio-stimulants, do not leave exposed granules on top of the soil, as UV-light is known to degrade the living organisms within the product. Instead, bury the product along with the plant, within the planting hole itself. For best results mix the granules directly into your fill dirt for even distribution and better contact with roots.


Sunniland Azalea, Camellia,

& Gardenia Fertilizer

Specially formulated for acid loving plants

Rich in Magnesium

Promotes blooms, beautiful greening and strong roots

Sunniland Citrus Fertilizer

Provides all the necessary nutrients for vigorous growth and abundant fruit

Perfect blend for all subtropical fruit trees

Provides key micronutrients

Slow release nitrogen for continuous feeding

Sunniland Palm Fertilizer

50% slow release nitrogen for continuous feeding

Iron, Magnesium, and Manganese helps prevent yellowing

Contains essential micronutrients

Milorganite Nitrogen Fertilizer

Slow-release nutrients, like those in Milorganite, are gradually available for up to 10 weeks, which means fewer applications. This extended feeding provides more uniform growth, a deeper and better-established root system, and a healthier lawn and garden. Slow-release nutrients are also better for the environment.

Start-N-Grow Fertilizer

Premium slow-release fertilizer designed for use at time of planting

Encourages healthy root growth and provides nutrients that help your plants get established 

For use on containers indoors and outdoors, bedding plants, ornamentals, Roses, trees, shrubs and lawns

Root Stimulator Solution

Use every time you plant trees, shrubs, Roses, annuals and perennials to stimulate early root formation and stronger root development

Reduces transplant shock and promotes greener, more vigorous plants

Esposito’s Own 13-6-6

For use on newly planted and established Trees and Shrubs

Contains 6.08 % slow-release Nitrogen for more efficient feeding

Our top choice for fertilization within the nursery

This blend is only available at Esposito Garden Center

 Esposito’s Own 8-8-8

For use on fruit trees and pecans

Contains Zinc for proper nut development

 Esposito’s Own 15-0-15

Spring and Early Summer Lawn Fertilizer for use between March and August

Contains 7.74 % slow-release Nitrogen for more efficient feeding

Each application feeds for 3 months

Graco 10-10-10

A general purpose, balanced fertilizer for garden maintenance

Equal amounts of N, P, & K to ensure all nutrient needs are met

We’ll do it for you!

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