Esposito’s has the city’s finest selection of Fresh Cut Christmas Trees! Browse our collection of Fraser, Noble, and Nordmann firs ranging from 2-foot table-top trees all the way up to 14-foot tall, 10-foot wide monsters like the one pictured to the right. When you buy your tree from Esposito’s, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting a quality tree that has been properly cared for from the time of planting all the way up to the time you bring it home. Due to the extra care they receive, our trees look better, last longer, and drop fewer needles than your average fresh-cut tree. As long as you keep them watered, you can expect your Esposito Christmas Trees to last well into the new year!

The Reason for the Fresh Cut:

The thing about fir trees is they produce a ton of sap. This is where they get their amazing fragrance! When the trunk of a fir tree is cut, and in the absence of water, the tree quickly begins producing sap to seal the cut. Once the sap hardens around the base of the trunk, the fir tree is no longer able to absorb the water it needs to keep its branches and needles hydrated. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution, but it’s one that many Christmas Tree purveyors foolishly neglect. Administering a fresh cut upon arrival to the store restores our Christmas trees’ ability to absorb water! When a fir tree is well-hydrated, it’s far less likely to drop needles, catch on fire, or turn brown. This is why we ALWAYS give our trees a fresh cut as soon as they arrive, and again when we install them on your stand. Each and every Esposito’s tree is displayed unwrapped, upright, and in a bowl of fresh water at all times. We invite you to tug on the needles and compare our quality; you’ll surely notice a significant difference!

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