Drainage work in Tallahassee

Drainage problems? Have you ever had water standing in your yard for days?

Is watering pouring into your garage or basement?  Are you experiencing erosion in your yard? If you have poor lawn drainage, it can prevent you from enjoying your yard and it can compromise the foundation of your home.  We can help! Call 850-386-2114 and ask for the drainage department. Schedule an on-site consultation for $85. 

We offer complete drainage systems designed to meet your needs, including French drains, storm water and catch basins to enhance the landscape and reduce unwanted erosion. Repairs may include grading to alter the drainage slope, adding surface drains, or adding French drains.

Drainage Testimonials


I wanted to let you know what a good job your workers did on our drainage project.
The work was completed on time in the 2 days we were told. Everything was done exactly how we discussed. The men were pleasant and courteous and answered all of our questions and concerns. Everything was cleaned up, no dirt left around and the area looked like it hadn’t even been worked on.

Thanks for the good job.
William Kynoch

July 20, 2010
Dear Ralph,
I’ll have to admit that I waited for the worst rainstorm in several years before I finally relaxed and realized that my drainage problem was fixed.  We had over 4 inches of rain in my neighborhood last week and my basement and garage are still dry.
For the first time in fifteen years, I have not had to go downstairs and “pump” out the basement after a downpour.  As I explained earlier, I have paid for many solutions that quickly evaporated into four to six inches of water on my basement and garage.  That’s why I held my breath for several months after your crew left, however, we have had some pretty severe rain this summer and my basement and garage are as dry as they were during the drought several years ago.
You cannot know how much I appreciate you and your staff. Once again, thank you, it was worth every penny!
Should you ever need a reference, don’t hesitate to call.  I’ll be happy to save someone else the money and frustration that I experienced over the years.
Marjorie Craig
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