Esposito’s receives new shipments of budded, blooming Camellias almost every week, fall through spring! We recommend re-visiting the garden center every few weeks during Camellia season (October through April) to see exactly which varieties look the prettiest at the time. You can plant a variety of early, mid, and late season varieties for a continuous display of cool-season color. The selection changed often, and there are new surprises in store each week! Call 850-386-2114 to confirm current availability and place an order for delivery or curbside pickup. 

Both Sasanqua and Japonica Camellias prefer partial-sun, ideally morning sun with afternoon shade. That being said, Sasanqua varieties are known to be a bit more sun tolerant than Japonicas, so if you are trying to push the limits of sun tolerance, Sasanqua is a safer bet! Camellias prefer slightly acidic soil within the range of 5.8 to 6.5; a simple pH meter will let you know exactly where your soil stands. 

Producing hundreds of giant flowers is hard work! Fertilize according to schedule to ensure your Camellias have the energy they need to make those beautiful blooms. Luckily, Camellia fertilization is about as easy as it gets: use Holly-tone once in mid-March after the last frost, and again in October or early-November before the first frost.

A 2” layer of mulch will help suppress weeds and retain soil moisture, but be sure not to bury the trunk of your Camellia too much deeper than it was in the original pot. Always remove old mulch and debris from beneath the canopy before replacing it with fresh mulch to ensure that you don’t accidentally suffocate your Camellia.

The Core Selection

These varieties are usually available. Please give us a call at 850-386-2114 or stop by the garden center to see what’s blooming today!

Seasonal Selections

These varieties are available for a limited time each year. Please give us a call at 850-386-2114 or stop by the garden center to see what’s blooming today!

Camellia Companions

Need help planting?

We’ll take care of everything from delivery to installation to clean-up! Call at 850-386-2114 for details.


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