The Bird Store

A good guide makes identifying new garden visitors much easier! We have a great selection of birding manuals that will help you determine exactly which species you’re looking at.  We also have butterfly and wildflower identification guides. These manuals make excellent gifts for nature enthusiasts.

Looking for bird feeders? We have over three dozen to choose from including seed hoppers of all sizes and nectar feeders for hummingbirds! Tired of squirrels stealing all of your bird seed? Try the Brome Squirrel Buster, our #1 squirrel-proof feeder. Watch the video below to see the Squirrel Buster in action.

The City’s Best Selection of Bird Seed

We stock an extensive assortment of high quality bird seed suitable for many different species. Black oil sunflower seeds are attractive to a wide variety of bird species, so they are a great seed to start with! We even have chili-dusted sunflower meats which taste horrible if you’re a squirrel, but delicious if you’re a bird. Some birds favor a specific type of seed, such as the Finch which prefers Nyjer seed. Woodpeckers and Cardinals enjoy snacking on suet, a high-energy cake made using beef fat, nuts, and seeds. If you are hoping to attract a specific variety of bird, let one of our customer service associates know! We’ll help you choose the right seed.

A Bird House for any Occasion

Not every species of bird uses a bird house, but some species require them. The Purple Martin, for example, will return to the same gourd or “Martin Condo” year after year. Ours have been returning to the same condos for 21 years, and they reliably return between February 8th and 15th. It’s a lot of fun waiting for them to arrive each year! Bluebirds, chickadees, woodpeckers, wrens, and nuthatches also build nests in bird houses. Always mount your birdhouse with the entrance hole facing slightly downwards to keep wind and rain out, and make sure it’s secured tightly so it doesn’t move around. Installing multiple houses will help prevent competition for space and increase the number of birds nesting in your yard.

Provide a Place to Cool Down

Birds utilize baths for both bathing and drinking. In a state as hot as Florida, providing a place to cool down is vital! We have a great selection of decorative bird baths, including our new bird bath fountains (pictured, left)! These peaceful fountains are highly attractive to many birds, and there is no need to worry about mosquitoes because the water is constantly circulating.

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