How to Solve that Soggy Drainage Problem in Your Yard

When areas of your yard retain water due to poor drainage it can cause severe issues with the foundation of your home or commercial property. Our team of irrigation and drainage experts has years of experience in designing drainage solutions that encourage excess water to divert away from your building’s foundation. These solutions are custom-tailored to your yard’s unique drainage needs, they can even be designed to disperse water evenly throughout the lawn as a natural form of irrigation.

Home Improvements That Solve Drainage Problems

Your drainage system can be camouflaged to blend in with the plant life or work as a beatifying feature of your yard. Using beautifully smooth river rocks and artfully crafted water features can elevate your property value significantly.

Retaining Walls

If you live in hilly terrain, there is a landscaping trick that can counteract soil erosion and help beautify your backyard all at once! Reducing soil erosion, turning steep slopes into terraced backdrops, creating focal points in the landscape.

Retaining walls serve many purposes. Indeed, they are some of the most common ways to correct problems caused by hilly areas! Well-built retaining walls transform unworkable inclines into usable outdoor space for the garden.

A retaining wall is a wall structure that retains the soil behind it. Brick, stone, timber –– your retaining wall can show off your favorite building material. These landscape features are perfect for protecting flower beds from erosion, keeping critters away from your vegetables, and landscaping on a hill.

Popular Retaining Wall Ideas for Extra Curb Appeal

Stacked Block. Build a retaining wall with landscaping blocks for easy and fast installation. Landscaping blocks are made with a self-locking flange in the back, a lip that overhangs and grasps the block stacked underneath.

Retain a Water Feature. Just as you can have a garden without soil, you can have a retaining wall without soil. Why not retain some water for a change? Give your landscape a makeover with water features, and use retaining walls to help you keep the water in its place. Water features can turn any backyard into a calming oasis filled with soothing rushing water sounds. Let the afterwork stress wash away by your outdoor fountain.

Highlight a Tree. Does your favorite tree need a spotlight? Bring it center stage with a small retaining wall by day (and some landscape lighting at night). A retaining wall will help protect the tree’s roots from erosion. It even provides space for a decorative flower bed. Splash some color and texture around your tree’s trunk with bright blossoms and mulch for the finishing touch.

Raise the Flower Beds. Retaining walls not only help to hold in soil and mulch around your flower beds, but they can also raise your flower beds from the ground. Raised flower beds have many benefits, including:

  • Limited weed competition
  • Less soil compaction from foot traffic
  • Fewer pests
  • Less soil contamination
  • Better control over drainage

French Drains

French Drains are a very common yard drainage solution that involves a trench filled with gravel containing a perforated pipe. This allows moving water to seep into the pipe and be dispersed evenly to avoid soggy wet spots throughout your yard. Redirecting surface water in this way ensures that water is diverted away from your home’s foundation. French drains are a popular choice due to their durability.

Underground drainage systems and catch basins are  the best way to remove excess water flowing from your property. In wet weather, rainwater can accumulate on sloped surfaces such as driveways, patios, and sidewalks. If this water doesn’t drain away quickly it will flow downhill until it reaches an area of low ground where it collects in a pool which may overflow onto the home below or seep into the ground and cause damage to foundations, and other drainage problems.

How Underground Drainage Systems Are Built

After digging the trench, our team of professionals adds a layer of gravel to the bottom of the trench. Then landscaping fabric is added and the drainage pipe laid down. We will then add another layer of gravel covering the pipe to the top of the trench.
French drains are an excellent solution for properties with excessive surface water. If you’re looking to replace your old system, or if you just want a new one installed, we can help!

Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds are a favorite yard drainage solution for those looking to keep a natural feel to their property. These beds are constructed by digging a shallow trench and filling it with filter cloth, river rocks and gravel, along with water-loving plants. Best for use on properties with terraces and multiple elevation points, dry creeks beds can be an affordable and beautiful yard drainage option for those who are subject to sudden heavy rainfall.

Add Some Value With Dry Creek Beds

Dry Creek Beds are a great way to add beauty and value to your property. Esposito’s is one of the leading dry creek bed drainage experts in the area. If you have an outdoor space that needs some help, or if you want to install a dry creek for drainage at your home or business, we can provide everything from landscape design ideas to weed barrier installation services. With our expertise and experience as dry stream experts, we’re sure that we can find the right solution for you!

Benefits of Dry Creek Bed Drainage Solutions

Protect Your Landscaping. Dry Creek Beds allow water from runoff or other sources to flow unobstructed through the bed and into an outflow pipe, instead of collecting and pooling onto surfaces near your home that might become flooded with standing water.

Prevent Erosion. Dry creek beds help to prevent erosion on sloped properties by stopping soil movement created by rainfall before it has time to settle in one spot, which will eventually erode those areas.

How Our Dry Creek Beds Are Built

We begin by mapping out and digging the trench where the bed will be placed. Then we will lay down landscaping fabric, followed by the river rocks to cover everything, including the sides of the creek bed, the bottom of the creek bed, and edges of the creek bed. Our step-by-step technique allows our team to create the best dry creek bed drainage solution to fit your yard’s needs.

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