A Little History

Dominic and Mary Esposito started Esposito Nursery in 1969 on Thomasville Road. A few years later they moved the store to 15 acres on Capital Circle. What started out as a small store with several greenhouses has become a large garden center with several departments including lawn maintenance, landscape design, floral shop, Christmas shop, hydroponic supplies, small engine repair and rental equipment, and a fertilizer weed and insect control department. Their son, Ralph, has been running the company since 1977.

Understanding What Customers Want

In part, Ralph attributes the success of this thriving business to staying abreast of customers’ wants. Each department was created as a result of listening to what customers had to say and what they wanted. For example:

The Small Engine Repair Shop can get your mower running right. Our Rental Department has the perfect tool to get the job done. Want us to mow your yard for you? Let our Lawn Maintenance professionals help you keep your lawn beautiful, while our Fertilizer and Pest Control experts keep your lawn and shrubs healthy and green. If you want a whole new look, our Landscape Design team can design you a lawn, garden or outdoor living area that you have always dreamed about.

The Floral Department is your best choice for that special floral arrangement for any occasion and we deliver. While you are at the store starting in September, be sure to stroll through the Christmas Shop. You’ll find yourself among decorated trees, each designed to tell a story with themes that range from travel and pets to hunting and fishing. The level of detail that goes into each design reflects the team’s talent. Each of these trees is for sale as well as unique and collectable ornaments and gifts. But it doesn’t stop there. The Esposito Christmas team offers both indoor and outdoor holiday decorating!

Esposito’s Continues to Evolve

Esposito’s has evolved into an expansive gardener’s super store. Ralph follows in his father Dominic’s footsteps, finding innovative ways to grow and reshape the family business. A stunning addition is Lily’s Gift Boutique. Opened in 2020, the shop sells a wide array of items from flatware, serving dishes, charcuterie boards, and serving dishes. You can even find men’s items and pamper gifts. As an added bonus, artwork by local artists is available. The goal is to make it so there’s a gift for everyone in the family.

Appreciation Always

Originally, built using wood from an old tobacco barn, and having grown into a 10,000+ square foot shopping plaza and sprawling outdoor garden. Esposito’s is one of Tallahassee’s landmarks. Ralph reflects that a critical component of Esposito’s success is being surrounded by wonderful managers and a team who make the business run smoothly. Everyone at Esposito’s cannot overstate the gratitude they have for loyal longtime customers.

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