Mums by Esposito

2010  Belgian Garden Mums

  • Alcala Red- red daisy- yellow button in middle, late bloomer
  • Camina Red- red cushion- decorative, early bloomer
  • Tripoli Red – red daisy – yellow button in middle, very late bloomer
  • Savona Red – red/ bronze cushion- decorative, mid-bloomer
  • Atlantico Yellow –yellow daisy- orange button, early
  • Celino Yellow- yellow cushion – decorative, mid-bloomer
  • Cesaro Yellow – yellow cushion – decorative, mid-bloomer
  • Comaco yellow- yellow cushion – mid-bloomer, early
  • Padre Yellow- bright yellow cushion – early to mid
  • Vivana Yellow- right vivid yellow cushion –mid bloomer
  • Padre Lemon- light yellow cushion- early to mid-bloomer
  • Albanor White- white cushion- late bloomer
  • Ozenda White – white cushion, white with yellow centers, very late
  • Padre White- white cushion, early to mid-bloomer
  • Conella Orange- Deep orange cushion- orange to bronze, early to mid
  • Padre Orange – orange cushion, darker orange, early to mid-bloomer
  • Cento- bronze cushion- mid to late bloomer
  • Prato- bronze cushion, red-bronze, mid to late bloomer
  • Sorella- orange bronze cushion- very late (3 shades) yellow/bronze/orange
  • Tuscany- Coral/Salmon cushion- early to mid bloomer
  • Belgo Lilac- lavender/purple cushion-earl to mid-bloomer
  • Carpino- purple cuhion dark purple plum, mid to late bloomer, very rich color
  • Remos Lilac-Dark plum/purple cushion, late bloomer
  • Padre Pink – pink cushion, early bloomer
  • Cedro- Pink/ Plum cushion pink with yellow center, late bloomer
  • Pobo Lavender- pretty pink daisy- yellow eye button, early bloomer
  • Padre Cerise-

 Dark purple- red purple color early bloomer
Blooms will last 4-6 weeks with good watering and feeding habits. Customers can “dead head” and blooms will keep coming.
Cut back and mulch for the winter, may or may not return in Spring, depending on how cold a winter we have.
Very early= mid-September 
Early = late September 
Mid = October 
Late = Early November


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