Insect Control

Lawn pests such as Chinch Bugs, Mole Cricket, Spittlebugs and Sod Webworms can quickly invade and ruin local lawns. The Spittlebug shown here is common in Centipede grass lawns. The adult insect has two orange-red stripes across its back. The immature insects cover themselves with a mass of frothy foam. Every lawn has a few of them, but when their population gets too high they cause the grass blades to develop a yellow-white streak, purple-red discoloration and browning.

The Mole Cricket shown here is a serious pest throughout much of Florida. They prefer Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass lawns for feeding, but can be troublesome in sandy locations on other grasses too. They are called Mole Crickets because they spend much of their life underground burrowing through the soil eating plant roots and stems. Because Mole Crickets disturb the soil with their tunneling this can cause damage to grass roots through drying out.

Chinch Bugs are a pest of St.Augustine Grass lawns in sunny locations. They are very tiny and difficult to see. The adults are black with light wing patches. Immature Chinch Bugs are red, pink, tan or dark brown depending on their age. One way to inspect for them is to dig out a piece of sod and shake it over paper to look for them. Their injury shows up by yellowing and browning of grass blades and can be easily confused with lawn diseases. Shown here is an example of their injury.

Sod Webworms are the larvae of a night flying tropical moth. We normally do not have attacks from these caterpillars until July. This pest chews on the grass blades and can cause death of areas of the lawn that could be confused with a lawn disease. Because Sod Webworms can quickly spread and be devastating to the lawn, it is important to frequently inspect the lawn for signs of their injury.

Esposito's spray department can treat these lawn pests as well as insects on shrubs, annuals and perennials. Why hassle with mixing and spraying chemicals when our trained professionals can do it for you? We are concerned about safety, effectiveness and economy. You can trust us to apply appropriate insecticides properly.

If you want to control these pests yourself we have just the right materials and applicators to quickly get them under control. When you visit our store ask for more information on Acephate and Turf Ranger or call us at 850-386-2114.


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