When will my service be performed and how will I know it’s been done?When can we allow children and pets on the lawn?How will your spray program affect my mowing schedule?Should I water my lawn after you have treated it?Will your program control weeds in our flower beds and around shrubs?Will this spray program control ants?Will the spray program kill out grassy weeds Bahia grass, Dove weed, Crabgrass, Nutsedge, etc. in the lawn?I have several shrubs that were hurt by the cold. Should I cut them back now?My Peach trees has something very white covering many of the limbs. What is it ?I have several shrubs that were hurt by the cold. Should I cut them back now?What are the earliest flowering trees in our area? I remember seeing some blooming last January.My Peach tree has something very white covering many of the limbs. What is it ?When should I prune back my hybrid tea roses hard?I have a weed in my lawn and in flower beds that has scalloped leaves and white tuberous roots that resemble a Rattlesnake’s rattle. It seems to be taking over, I have tried to pull it up but it keeps coming back. How can I stop this weed?What varieties of citrus perform best in the Tallahassee area?Why do my azaleas have many solid yellow leaves on them now?We need to have flowers in bloom in late February for a special event-what can I plant now to give good color?What “weed and feed” fertilizer would you recommend to put on my lawn that has both Centipede and St. Augustine grass?What general lawn fertilizer is recommended for our area lawns?Can I do anything to help repel Armadillos from my property?My yard is too shady for Centipede grass to grow. Can you recommend a good grass for me to plant?When do I fertilize my Azaleas, and what is best to put on them?When should I plant Caladium bulbs?What is causing my Indian Hawthorn to have a lot of reddish and brown spots on their leaves? They seem to be getting thinner too.How can I stop my Tomatoes from rotting at the bottom of the fruit ?My Camellias have some white dots on the undersides of the leaves and some yellowing from it too. What is causing this and how do I stop it?Can I start a Centipedegrass lawn from seed now?How do you change the color of Hydrangea blooms?How should I take care of the Gardenias that I was given?My daylilies have dying leaves with raised orange and brown spots on them. What can I do to prevent this from happening?Can you suggest some flowers that that I can plant now to survive the Summer heat?How late in the summer can we prune Azaleas without losing some of next spring’s blooms?How can we control Whiteflies on our Gardenias, Satsuma, Ligustrum and Sweet Viburnum safely?We have black insects with orange-red stripes across their backs flying out of our lawn when we mow. Should we be concerned about them or are they harmless?How often should we set our irrigation system time-clock to come on, and how long should it run in each zone?What can I do to stop my Crape Myrtle's leaves from turning black?What is causing my St. Augustine grass lawn to yellow and die in patches that are in the sun on good well drained soil?What can I do to control weeds in my lawn this summer?My Azaleas have yellowing leaves that appear as if the green has been partially scraped off with sandpaper. There are dark shiny spots on the undersides of the leaves. What is causing this to occur and how can I stop it?How can I destroy a large nest of Yellow Jackets?How can I stop my grass from dying? It looks like it has been "chewed down" close to the ground in irregular patches and is turning brown.Can I fertilize my lawn now? I haven't fertilized since spring.What is the tall shrub that has large double flowers that change in color from white to pink and how do I grow it?What are some of the flowers, bulbs and vegetables that can be planted in October?What is the shrub with clusters of bright yellow blooms that we see flowering now?Can you suggest some trees that will give fall color in our region?Why do you not carry Scott's Winterizer?Can we grow tulips in northern Florida?What bulb varieties do best in North Florida?What can I do to stop having so many lawn weeds each spring?How can I have a green lawn through the winter?How can I have a green lawn through the winter?What is the tall growing shrub with very sweet smelling flowers that is blooming now?I have a weed in my lawn each spring that is very low to the ground, deep green with finely divided leaves that resemble parsley. If you step on this weed bare-footed it has little prickles that will hurt your feet when it is stepped on. What is it and how do I control it?I have a book that lists Poinsettias as a poisonous plant, but a recent magazine article states that they are not poisonous. Who is right?Can I plant my Norfolk Island Pine in the yard to use as a living Christmas tree?What can I do to help protect tender plants from the cold?Where can I go to see older examples of the Camellias that you offer?


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