Drainage plans

This small scale drainage project combined earthwork with a subsurface drainage system to eliminate standing water in the front yard. The area in front of the house was regraded to allow water to flow away from the structure and into a drainage swale. Gutter downspouts were connected to underground pipes which were connected to a large drain pipe to discharge storm water into a natural area in the back yard. A small earthen berm at the end of a drainage swale directs water into a catch basin.
This drainage project solved a problem of storm water seeping through the foundation of the house. New gutters and downspouts were installed and connected to underground drain pipes. A French drain system was installed along a portion of the house along with waterproofing the foundation. A section of concrete curbing was added along the driveway to divert water away from the house.
This project required extensive earthwork to direct storm water around and away from the house. A primary berm and swale system surrounds the structure with a secondary berm collecting additional water into a catch basin. Gutter downspouts and a series of catch basins were connected to drain pipes to transfer water away from the house. A French drain was installed and a portion of the foundation was treated with waterproofing materials. This drainage job required an Environmental Management Permit from the County due to the amount of earthwork that was performed.
A combination of regrading the side yard and installing a French drain allowed storm water to flow toward the street and away from the house.
This residence receives large amounts of storm water from the adjacent uphill neighbors. A series of catch basins were surrounded with a concrete wall to direct water into a large drain pipe and sent away from the house into a naturally wooded area. Additional catch basins were connected to drain pipes along with gutter downspouts to transport the remaining water away from the residence.
Downspouts and catch basins were connected to drain pipe to transport stormwater away from the south side of the house. A portion of the back yard that previously held storm water and stayed soggy was addressed with a series of perforated drain pipes that collected the water and allowed it to flow into a natural area at the rear of the property.


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